Where The Hell is Bob Benson on 'Mad Men'? Pete Campbell Name Drops The Guy, But He's Missing

Sure, we can worry over and over again about whether or not Megan Draper is Sharon Tate or whether or not Don will ever get better or if Ken Cosgrove will ever lose the eyepatch. But has anyone taken just a second to ask the really, truly important question: Where is Mad Men's Bob Benson this season? We need to know.

He's mentioned here and there — most notably this week, when Pete Campbell spits out his name with so much spite and hope for vengeance we could practically feel the heat of his anger. But that's just a mention — clearly, SC&P isn't done with Bob Benson, so why isn't he around?

The easiest answer is that the actor who plays Bob, James Wolk, is busy working on CBS' The Crazy Ones and simply didn't have time to be a part of the historic last season of Mad Men — though, if that's the case, Wolk is seriously out of his gourd. More likely than not, there simply isn't room for Bob in the plot. Of course, that could always change — even if that would boil Pete Campbell's blood to share the spotlight with the dapper scene-stealer.

We've got a few theories about his whereabouts:

Pete Hired a Hit Man To Take Out His Enemy

Think about it. Sunday night was the first time Pete smiled while mentioning the man who put him in a stick shift and allowed him to destroy an entire showroom.

Okay, so Pete didn't kill him. This isn't The Sopranos.

Bob's Taking Care of Joan's Son While She's At Work

Feminism! Ad-man gives up career so Joan can become ad-woman!

Okay, so that's not it either. After all, Joan's got her mother to help out.

Bob Is In Detroit, Doing the Job Pete Once Wanted to Do

You know, the one he got after he ushered Pete into a disasterous test drive that went terribly in front of everyone?

That's why the first episode this season dropped us this line: "Bob Benson’s on the line from Detroit." Mystery solved.

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