Usher's "Good Kisser" Single Is Old School Sexiness in the Best Way Possible — LISTEN

If there was anyone alive who was doubting that Usher's still got it, then his new single is going to prove them very, very wrong. When he released the 40 second teaser of "Good Kisser" last week, it already had a different sound than anything else on the radio right now. Defying expectations is how an artist wins themselves a Grammy and this song will definitely put Usher in the running at the 2015 Awards. Usher's "Good Kisser" single is smooth, seductive, and just old school enough to get stuck in everyone's heads.

It feels more and more like every other hit on the radio is a blatant club hit with electro-synth inspiration, fun for dancing but not so much fun for listening to due to how repetitive the beats can get. Usher does away with all of that in favor of something that does sound like it should be played in a club — just not the club you're thinking. "Good Kisser" wouldn't be out of place in a live music club with a jazz band and a microphone half the size of Usher's face. It's one of the rare songs whose teaser didn't even do it justice.

It's a sexy song, as you might have been able to guess from the title and the single cover which features nothing more than a pair of glossy lips with Usher's name between them. The good kisser in the title isn't Usher. It's the girl that he is elevating as the best kisser in the world. None of the sexy whispering from the teaser is present in the actual song. Instead it's a ballad — or, rather, an ode — to kissers and kissing. Does it allude to sex? Of course. But it equates the act of kissing with the act of sex itself, which is somehow more sexy than just another racy song about women and their assets.

Listen to the song below.