'SNL' Cut This Weird '90s Sketch

by Alanna Bennett

A lot goes into a typical episode of Saturday Night Live. The costumes, the sets, the very telling encapsulations of our collective societal ticks — all of it's heavily worked and re-worked by a team of the industry's best. And a lot also ends up on the cutting room floor, like this oddball sketch cut from Andrew Garfield's Saturday Night Live . We should put the word "oddball" in context here: Though this particular sketch didn't air this past Saturday, a sketch about birds replacing Bible characters did. "The Bird Bible," it was called, and it was almost as uncomfortable as this one is. Almost. This one is a send up (sort of?) to '90s television, the music, sets, and B-shot exteriors all harkening back to shows like Full House, Dawson's Creek, 90210, and Step By Step. It's also a tale of... sexual aggression? Centered around Garfield's character's desire to eat chicken wings instead of carrot sticks? It's all extremely uncomfortable, and it's pretty clear why this one was cut from Saturday's show. Then again, Saturday's show also featured a controversial (aka generally uncomfortable) Weekend Update segment all about black beauty in the context of the master-slave dynamic, so it's all relative.

And let us never forget that The Amanda Show did '90s teen drama parodies better than anyone — and with a young Taran Killam, no less!

Image: NBC