Are Idina Menzel & Kristin Chenoweth Too Old for 'Wicked'? Not By Hollywood Standards

Hollywood really needs to make up its mind. For an entity that commodifies youth and marginalizes anyone over 35, they don't really seem to have a problem with blending the two to suit their needs. While we all wait for news on that Frozen musical Kristen Bell would love to star in, Idina Menzel remains a Broadway staple who is nominated for a Tony Award this year. When it comes to reprising her role as Elphaba in the Wicked movie, however, then fans will need to keep holding their breath. Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth are too old for that, or so she was told.

As soon as news of the Wicked movie was announced, we all collectively crossed our fingers that Menzel and Chenoweth would be back in black (and pink). Menzel has never been more popular, thanks to Frozen, and Chenoweth is still incredibly well-respected no matter what she's doing. Menzel is 42 years old and Chenoweth is 45 years old, which makes them a little old to just be starting Shiz University, but, hey, as anyone will tell you, you are never too old to go back to college or start it for the first time.

Besides, it's not as if Hollywood goes out of its way to cast only actors and actresses who are the exact same age as the characters they are portraying. In fact, sometimes they don't even try to stick close. Before they tell Idina Menzel that she's too old to be Elphaba, maybe they should look back at some of the other times they cast actors and actresses for characters much younger than them and made it work.

Rachel McAdams

McAdams was 25 years old when she was cast as Regina George in Mean Girls. As Regina was either 16 or 17, that means there was an eight or nine year difference between McAdams' age and that of her character. In fact, Lohan and Seyfried were the only members of the Plastics who were actually teenagers when the movie came out.

Cory Monteith

Monteith was 27 years old when he was cast as Finn Hudson in Glee, putting an 11 year age difference between himself and 16-year-old Finn. By the time Finn graduated, Monteith had turned thirty, increasing that gap even more. Ironically, Chris Colfer was the only member of the Glee cast who was an actual teenager during season one and even he aged out of it before season two.

Jessica Parker Kennedy

Kennedy was 26 years old when she was cast as Melissa Glaser in The Secret Circle. Melissa was 16 years old during the first season of TSC, making Kennedy 10 years older than the character she was portraying. She and Shelley Hennig, who is two years younger than her, were the oldest members of the initial circle.

Bianca Lawson

The immortal Bianca Lawson played Maya St. Germain in Pretty Little Liars, a role she acquired when she was 30 years old. Maya was only 18 years old when she died a couple of seasons later, making Lawson 33 years old the last time Emily Fields saw Maya alive.

Andrew Garfield

Garfield was cast as Peter Parker in the Amazing Spider-Man in 2010 when he was 27 years old, much older than the teenage Peter Parker. He turns 31 this year and still has at least one more Amazing Spider-Man movie left to do. Maybe a time skip between movies will make him and Peter more even.

Jason Earles

Jason Earles played Jackson Stewart on Hannah Montana when he was 29 years old, making him thirteen years older than his teenage character. Earles was in his mid-thirties when the series concluded.

Paul Wesley

Stefan Salvatore is supposed to be permanently 17, but unfortunately his actor isn't an immortal vampire. Wesley is currently 31 years old and turns 32 next year and the longer The Vampire Diaries stays on air, the wider that age gap is going to get.

Tell me again how Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth are too old to be in the Wicked movie?

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