Littlefinger & Snape Are the Same Character

It's already been brilliantly pointed out that Game of Thrones is slowly morphing into Harry Potter . It was only a matter of time; when you get enough dragons, dwarves, sorcery, intrigue, and great British thespians in the same franchise, they inevitably sort of morph into each other. I mean, Walder Frey and Argus Filch are literally the same person! But based on Sunday night's episode, there's one character in Westeros who's increasingly evoking a certain Hogwarts professor, and I think it's high time we asked the question: are Lord Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish and Professor Severus Snape long-lost brothers?

A quick rundown of what we learned Sunday night, since there was a lot of information being thrown at us in a very short amount of time: Lysa Arryn killed her husband, Jon Arryn, at the encouragement of her now-fiancé Petyr Baelish. In doing so, she set off the entire war, which is exactly what Lord Baelish wanted. In last week's episode, we learned that Littlefinger is also responsible for killing King Joffrey, which means that he's basically pulling all of the strings in Westeros.

You know who else seemed snarky-yet-harmless at first and turned out to be the key in bringing down an entire magical war?

Oh yeah, that guy!

Here are four more ways in which Snape and Littlefinger are pretty much the same person.

They Are Both Morally Ambiguous

Both Snape and Littlefinger have... let's just say questionable ways of getting what they want. Even when the outcome is good, do the ends justify the means? No one — his own mother included — really wanted Joffrey alive, but was framing Tyrion for his death a good idea? Remember when Snape FREAKING KILLED DUMBLEDORE? At least we know Snape's heart was in the right place, Littlefinger's still kind of a loose cannon at this point.

You Have No Idea Whose Side They're On

Lannister or Stark? Death Eaters or Dumbledore's Army? Or are they not on any side at all besides their own? With these guys, it's really hard to know.

You Love To Hate Them

They are both total bastards, but whether onscreen or on the page, they can't help but steal every scene that they're in.

They Are Both Motivated By Unrequited Childhood Love For A Redhead

This is probably the most striking resemblance: Petyr Baelish grew up with Catelyn Tully, just as Severus Snape grew up with Lily Evans. Both girls — redheads — grew up to fall in love with men who didn't particularly like their childhood friends. Brandon Stark hurt Petyr in a duel, James Potter bullied Snape in school, and yet Catelyn and Lily still didn't give their old friends the romantic time of day. Everything Petyr and Snape have done since has been motivated by a love for ginger women who never loved them and are no longer with us.

Coincidences? I think not. Anyone else excited for when J.K. Rowling rips off her George R.R. Martin costume? It's going to be so satisfying.

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