'Game of Thrones' Is Turning Into 'Harry Potter' One Episode at a Time

Like most drama series, it's not uncommon for a Game of Thrones episode to revolve around a theme or pattern. Typically, it's something like "blood" or "revenge," but occasionally, we get something a little more light-hearted, like "dignity" or "mercy" (it's Game of Thrones, not Full House — that's about as light as it gets). On Sunday night's Thrones episode, the theme featured was one of the most memorable ones yet, although probably not the producers' intention: everything in the hour, from Jon Snow's lessons to the arrival of Ser Pounce, was exactly like Harry Potter.

We don't blame George R.R. Martin or the Thrones writing team for ripping off J.K. Rowling's series, of course, but from Sunday's show, it's clear that that's exactly what happened (just go with us here). We all know that Harry Potter is the best, and it's no surprise that even the most skilled writers out there resort to using it for inspiration when they're out of ideas. The only shock was seeing how much about Sunday's episode was exactly like the beloved series; did J.K. Rowling sign off on this?

The connections:

Blood-written messages

Game of Thrones: After a rousing speech by Grey Worm that "a single day of freedom is worth more than a lifetime in chains," the slaves of Meereen decide to fight back against their masters. They make their message clear with a blood-written message on a wall that says "Kill the masters," and when the masters in question stumble upon it, hordes of slaves rush in to attack.

Harry Potter: In The Chamber of Secrets, there are also blood-written messages on the walls, the first and most notable being "The Chamber of Secrets has been opened." Just like the masters in Thrones, Harry, Ron and Hermione spot the message at exactly the wrong time, making them the initial suspects in the statement's creation.

A murderous necklace

Game of Thrones: We learn in the episode that Littlefinger and Lady Olenna teamed up to murder Joffrey, using a poisoned necklace worn by Sansa. Littlefinger hid a dangerous gem in the jewelry, which Grandma Tyrell secretly removed while at the wedding and presumably placed in Joffrey's drink.

Harry Potter: In an attempt to murder Dumbledore, Draco Malfoy bought a cursed necklace from Borgin and Burkes that killed anyone who came into contact with it. Thankfully, an Imperiused Katie Bell only graced the necklace through a hole in her glove, and neither she nor the weapon's intended victim died.

The army training

Game of Thrones: Jon Snow trains the men of the Night's Watch to fight the Wildlings, teaching them his tricks and passing on his knowledge from prior encounters, including the fact that disarming the opponent is of utmost importance. His authority as a leader is questioned, but most of the trainees are happy to have someone experienced teach them how to defend themselves against unknown threats.

Harry Potter: Replace Jon Snow with Harry Potter and Night's Watch with Dumbledore's Army, and the two scenes are practically identical. Save for, you know, magic.

Weird named cats

Game of Thrones: Welcome to Westeros, Ser Pounce, and sorry about having to watch Margaery almost seduce your 13-year-old owner.

Harry Potter: Being Filch's spy, Mrs. Norris was the worst, but still, sorry about getting Petrified by a Basilisk and hung from your tail.

Teenage boys with bad haircuts

Game of Thrones: Bran had some important moments this episode, but all we could focus on was the length of his hair. We know the lack of care had to have been purposeful, because Jojen's hair was perfectly cut. Bran, when you get out of Craster's Keep, find a barbershop.

Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe in The Goblet of Fire. Just... no.

This guy

Game of Thrones: In case you haven't noticed, White Walkers are scary .

Harry Potter: And so is their thin-nosed but otherwise identical cousin, Lord Voldemort.

Images: HBO; Warner Bros.