Adam Devine Joins the Cast of 'Pitch Perfect 2,' So What's He Gonna Sing?!

Good news for Pitch Perfect fans (which should be everyone on earth): Adam DeVine is officially joining the cast of Pitch Perfect 2! If you'll recall, and how could you forget, Devine played Beca (Anna Kendrick's) arch-nemesis in the first movie, a cocky little a cappella star on the Treblemakers named Bumper Allen. He was the perfect rival; could you even imagine the Riff Off without Bumper?

First, a few questions that we can't wait to be answered: Is Bumper coming back even bigger in his britches than ever before from being a John Mayer back-up singer? Is he finally going to get together with Fat Amy? Now that it's been confirmed that Devine is definitely on board for the sequel (it was dubious for a while, and Devine tried to throw us off for a while saying there'd be no singing and ALL roller coasters in the sequel), we can finally fantasize about what the Treblemakers are going to be crooning this time around.

Of course, "Right Round" will be a tough one to beat and "Let's Talk About Sex" was also priceless and (DARE WE SAY) pitch perfect, but here's what we'd love to hear Bumper and the rest of the Treblemakers sound off with next summer in Pitch Perfect 2:

1. Justin Timberlake's "Mirrors"

justintimberlakeVEVO on YouTube

A song just BEGGING to be a cappella'd (is this a verb?) Perfect for harmonizing, lots of potential for the stage.

2. Bruno Mars' "Locked Out of Heaven"

Bruno Mars on YouTube

I mean, it seems inevitable that they're definitely going to cover something by little firecracker Bruno Mars, and "Locked Out of Heaven" is the best choice from Unorthodox Jukebox.

3. Daft Punk feat. Pharrell "Get Lucky"

djeevs on YouTube

I know everyone covers this one, but I have to have hope that Bumper and the Treblemakers do a version of the robots' anthem with Pharrell! And I also have to hope that they DON'T do a version of Pharrell's "Happy," for the love of god.


Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines." Sure, it was one of the biggest songs of 2013, but we'd be so blessed if we never had to hear Thicke's creepy song again, especially not in a cappella.