37 Things Only CrossFitters Will Understand

by Jessie Brown

Some people think we’re crazy. Many mainstream media outlets think we’re masochists, pushing ourselves "too hard" while risking injury. But even though we CrossFitters might have the muscles of meatheads, we know that most people who do CrossFit are actually smarter than your average gym-goer. After all, when we workout, we go to great lengths to maintain our health and stave off injury. That said ... we probably still are crazy.

And you know what? We’re totally okay with that, and totally excited that more people are joining in on our crazy. Not sure if you can truly claim that you’ve drank the Kool-Aid? If you understand the following, you’re definitely a true CrossFitter.

If your box hasn’t posted tomorrow’s WOD, you’ll obsessively check your phone until they do

You might even wake up in the middle of the night to check.

You will immediately strike up a conversation with anyone wearing Nanos

No other context is necessary.

No matter where you go on vacation, visiting the local CrossFit and taking a picture with the coaches is essential

You own a different pair of knees socks for every day of the week

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

At least two pairs say something carnivorous.

You've rushed to work FOR TIME

And you spend your first hour there doing an AMRAP of email responses while checking the CrossFit instagram EMOTM.

You have twice as many good associations with the word “Christmas” as the average person

Your non-CrossFit friends hate hanging out with you because you need to stop every two hours for a full meal

And it can’t have gluten in it.

Every day is a new opportunity for pistol photos

You generally lump your friends into two categories: "CrossFit" and "other friends"

You have trouble trusting those in the latter.

When you go hiking, you insist on wearing a weight vest or at least carrying something heavy

Because walking just won’t cut it.

This is how you feel when your coach tells you to “rest on the run!”

You get simultaneously panicked and excited at any beep that slightly resembles the sound of a WOD clock

Working out around people who don’t grunt makes you really uncomfortable

You look at everyday objects and humans of varying sizes and think to yourself "I could lift that"

Coffee tables, mailboxes, park benches, small boulders...you name it, i can probably lift it

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You know that this woman is actually doing ninja mobility:

You have to jump two feet into the air in order to wrangle your skinny jeans past your calves, thighs, and booty

Getting them off can be even more of a challenge.

But people will be begging for that challenge

You harshly judge anyone who works out in a gym without chalk in it

You're afraid to shake hands at business meetings because you haven't shaved your calluses in a week

You’re left with no choice but to go in for the hug instead.

You own at least one shirt that says something like “Suns Out Guns Out” or “Squats Squats Squats Squats EVERYBODY”

You rarely giggle when someone says the word “Snatch”

You’re constantly thinking of ways you can punish people with burpees

when your non-CrossFit friends ask you about those bruises after heavy shoulder-to-overheads...

DOMS. Need I say more?

If you’re a woman, ever since you started doing CrossFit, your shorts have gotten shorter and shorter

and If you’re a dude, it’s become inexplicably more difficult to keep your shirt on for a prolonged period of time

You know the exact right moment to kick up into a handstand...

...so that your Facebook photos make it look like you can actually hold one.

You no longer have negative associations with the word cult

This how you feel when you meet any woman named Fran, Annie, Elizabeth, Grace, Jackie, Cindy, Mary, or Nancy

You’re seriously debating whether or not to go to your friend’s house tonight...

Because she lives on the fourth story of a walk-up and you squatted this morning.

and Even though you can’t really explain to your friends what CrossFit is, you’re adamant that they all try it

still, you've seen all of your closest friends look like this when they workout


and Ladies, when you made this face during the double unders on 14.1, you were actually peeing a little bit

You’ve perfected your casual brag about that one time you worked out with Jason Khalipa

You really gave him a run for his money.

most of all, You know that, no matter where you go, you’ll be able to find an amazing community

Of like-minded, badass people.

Because there are just some things only we CrossFitters can truly understand.