'Real Housewives's Porsha Williams Apologizes For Anti-Gay Sermon, But Does Sorry Cut It?

So how's this one gonna rank? Real Housewives star Porsha Williams apologized for the comments she made about the LGBT community in a sermon from a few years back. If apologies are the sort of things you'd grade — with James Franco's acknowledgement of his hitting on a 17 year old and Shia LaBeouf's post-plagiarism tweets getting D minuses — we'd give Williams something around a B.

The sermon itself took place about four years ago, and appeared to lump together hookers, drug addicts, and gay people into one solid lump of people who need saving. Here's a bit of it:

We Christians are supposed to be telling the hooker on the street, the drug dealer...the gays, the lesbians — we're supposed to be trying to save them and tell them, 'You are worthy.'

Now Williams is both defending her words and apologizing for them — the latter in her insistence that "the sermon that was shown not in its entirety, therefore the message was omitted," and the latter in her regret over having hurt anyone with her words. You can read the full apology below, and hear it in the video below as well.

I woke up this morning disturbed, and I felt that my heart was heavy and it was imperative for me to address the issue at hand. First let me say that God loves all of his children. And although some people discriminate against others because of their race, their religion, their sexual orientation, their status in life, that we're all worthy of God's love. The sermon that was shown not in its entirety, therefore the message was omitted. I apologize that those words hurt the LGBT community, my fans, and my supporters. Life is a journey, and I'm growing every day. And I continue to encourage everyone to love each other unconditionally.

In terms of apologies this one isn't perfect — the phrase "I'm sorry if I hurt anyone" is often used instead of "I'm sorry I ever said that in the first place" — but it seems relatively heartfelt. Mainly it accomplishes that last part by including what too many apologies lack: An apparent commitment to bettering oneself to avoid making the same mistakes all over again.

Watch her video apology here.