'The Originals' "Battle of New Orleans" Revealed Klaus' Greatest Weakness & Now Everyone's In Trouble

Was anyone prepared for Tuesday night's "Battle of New Orleans" on The Originals? Because I wasn't — and apparently, neither were the majority of the city's inhabitants. It seems that the new CW series is taking on the mold of HBO's Game of Thrones by throwing at us a seriously violent and game-changing penultimate episode à la the Red Wedding. Last week's biggest moment was the long-time-coming Hayley and Elijah kiss, but this series is far from becoming a romance — and it forced us to remember that on Tuesday night.

So where did it all go wrong? Genevieve hit the nail right on the head when she stood over a weakened and bloody Klaus and told him that his greed had taken everything from him. And even though it makes perfect sense that this fate awaited the hybrid with an unquenchable thirst for power, I never thought I'd see the day on this series where Klaus would fail so miserably. Up until this point, even when all of the odds were against him, Klaus figured out a way to come out on top. But now, he's really, royally screwed and for the first time, I actually can't predict what will happen in the series Season 1 finale — well, except that Hayley's baby is coming.

On Tuesday night, Klaus had finally set everything up to create some magical rocks that would prevent the Crescent wolves from turning on the full moon. So his big plan was to give those wolves more power and have them be his allies against the witches and Marcel — great plan, except not really. Because while Klaus was paying an absurd amount of attention to Marcel and his merry men, he underestimated Genevieve and her feelings for him by putting her in charge of casting the spell. The hybrid volunteered his blood for the cast and Genevieve (because she's the WORST) linked Klaus to the stones so that when the werewolves use them to stop from turning, it drains Klaus of power. Shady witch.

But still, that wouldn't have a been a huge problem if the stones had gone to the wolves intended — spoiler alert: they didn't. Instead they went to Francesca who — SURPRISE — is a werewolf and so is her entire family. She and her brothers turned and ravaged all of the vampires and are now well on their way to taking over New Orleans. Oh and by the way, she doesn't like Klaus and totally deceived him into thinking she wanted to be on his side. So there's that and now where does it leave us?

Hayley is being held captive by the witches, about two seconds from giving birth, and that creepy, little brat Monique wants to offer her baby up to the ancestors as tribute. (This isn't the Hunger Games, first, and second, why can't we just offer you up, Monique? It'd solve a lot of problems.) Marcel's army is basically all dead or about to be dead from werewolf bites — sucks to be you, Marcel, guess it's time to run back to daddy now. And Francesca and Oliver are joining their wolfpacks so they can run this town and they'll probably kill Jackson. On the Mikaelson side of things — Mikael is still trying to get back to the mortal world and it looks like Davina's going to help him. While Klaus is wandering the streets in agony and Elijah is ready to eff everyone up to get Hayley back.

So, in his endless quest for power, Klaus really pissed off a lot of people and now everyone has to go down with his ship. Even the people he wanted to get rid of in the first place and we can only blame him for it — well, and Marcel a little for being childish and distracting everyone from the plans at hand. Either way, Klaus' grand scheme to take control of New Orleans and his limitless greed has come back to bite him. Hard. And being an Original vampire can't save him this time.

Image: The CW