LG's 'Smart Fridge' Is Just Plain Weird, Unless You've Always Harbored A Desire To Chat With Your Refrigerator

Some days, opening the refrigerator is a chore in itself. It just takes so much effort to pull that handle, only to have it reveal disappointing contents — and hang on, why were you there in the first place? But with LG's brand-new Smart Fridge, we'll never have to experience that disappointment again. The appliance company unveiled the Smart Fridge, along with other "smart" home appliances, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and the refrigerators will first be sold in South Korea before making their way to the United States. And they just can't get here fast enough.

The major draw of this new line of everyday technology comes in its HomeChat service, which allows users to monitor and utilize their appliances remotely. Too busy on the treadmill to preheat your oven for those cookies you're about to bake? No problem, use HomeChat to turn on your Smart Oven. Too preoccupied shopping to do your laundry? Just send a message via HomeChat to your Smart Washing Machine, and it'll start a cycle for you.

But the Smart Fridge is the real belle of the ball, as its built-in camera system will take pictures of the inside of your refrigerator every time it is opened, allowing you to see just what you have and don't have on your next trip to the grocery store. No more guessing how many eggs you have left — Smart Fridge will tell you. And better yet, the refrigerator can also provide you with recipes based on your health requirements. So not only will you know how many eggs you have left, you'll also know how many eggs you need for tonight's low-carb meal.

Of course, if you ever feel that your conversations with your home appliances are getting too one-sided or just too boring, LG has also taken it upon themselves to add some spice into your life, as they claim to bring "an element of fun to appliances." Rather than just sending perfunctory texts to your oven, laundry machine, or fridge, you can also send any one of 40 unique stickers to "add an enjoyable, personal component to conversations." Because nothing says personal like a smiling emoticon. Or a conversation with your fridge.

Maybe the real issue is that these conversations are being had with inanimate objects, but hey, who are we to judge? With technology moving at its current rate, it seems that we'll be talking to everything but our dogs within the next few years. Or perhaps LG or Google will also be able to unlock the mystery behind the bark and the meow.

If you thought you were attached to your smartphone before, just imagine how you'll feel about it after you realize that you can start dinner or check on laundry with it. However, with the Supreme Court currently debating the merits of warrantless cell phone searches, you might not be the only one who knows what's in your fridge.

If the SCOTUS decides that your cell phone can be included in the list of items the police can search on or near your person during an arrest, the authorities may have access to your personal information, like how much Chobani you have left, how often you wash a load, or worse yet, what's for dinner.

There is still no word on how much these magical appliances will cost in the United States, but with capabilities like these, it is sure to boast a hefty price tag, and an even heftier resume.

Images: LG