When Is Scarlett Johansson Due? Her Baby With Romain Dauriac Is in the Works

So, we all know that this sultry starlet is going to give birth to a beautiful baby with a raspy voice and a personality that enthralls both men and women, but when is Scarlett Johansson due? She looks pretty damn stunning for a couple of months pregnant, but come on: When is a little baby Johansson-Dauriac going to start crawling around on this Earth?

Well, Johansson announced that she was pregnant back in early March, but according to TMZ, she was actually already five months pregnant at the time. She looked pretty great for five months pregnant, and people were like, whaaa?

But anyway, folks, we can do a little bit o' math over here: if she was five months pregnant in March, we're looking at a baby due at the end of this summer. But! If TMZ's reports were incorrect, and she was only a month or two pregnant by the time, we'd be looking at a baby in the late fall.

So basically, we'll be on Johansson Baby Watch between August and November. We'll surely be able to track this pregnancy and what's going on with Johansson and her fiancé, French journalist Romain Dauriac, as we're getting ample press coverage over the pregnancy.

So, come August, let the baby watch commence! Til then, let her be pregnant and give her some peace, k? Cool.