Post-Liam, Who Is Miley Cyrus Dating Now? Let's Find Out

If there was ever a celebrity who didn't need a guy, it's Miley Cyrus. Say what you will about Miley, but the girl is a master at doing her own thing. Since Cyrus called off her engagement with Liam Hemsworth last year the girl has been focusing on her new music, new image, and, recently, Cyrus' Bangerz world tour. Outside of all of that the singer has been crazy busy, what with awkwardly kissing Katy Perry and taking Instagram selfies from her hospital bed, so it's crazy to think that she could even have time for a relationship, right? Let's comb the rumor mill and see if Miley may have a special guy in her life.

We know that Miley has had at least three serious relationships since her Hannah Montana days. Who could forget her Disney-approved relationship with Nick Jonas, her kind of creepy love affair with older model Justin Gaston, or her very public engagement to Hemsworth? Since splitting with the younger Hemsworth brother, Cyrus as been spotted around the world with a few different guys, but so far hasn't confirmed a relationship with any of them.

Though Cyrus was rumored to be dating Twilight star Kellan Lutz at the end of 2013 (the two were spotted out together at clubs in Vegas and Miami, allegedly "making out") Lutz denied that the two were an item, saying that the rumors were ridiculous. According to the former vampire, the duo were "friends" who "ran in the same circles." (Because sometimes friends who "run in the same circles" just really, really like macking on one another at nightclubs.)

It wouldn't be the first dating rumor — Cyrus was also said to have hooked up with Oscar-winner Jared Leto in February 2014. (Yeah, seriously.) No word on the truth to the rumor, but apparently the two connected over "music" and "nudity." Uh, okay, then.

Then there's a pair that actually kind of makes sense. Miley has been spotted with her producer Mike Will Made It out at clubs and allegedly locked lips with the "23" rapper. Though it seems like these two are strictly buds, it wouldn't be all that shocking if they went on to connect at a romantic level later on.

Then again, if they don't, so what? After all, Miley certainly has enough on her plate, right? And, not to knock Liam, but it does seem like her career skyrocketed post-breakup. Keep on doing what you're doing, Miley. Obviously, it's twerking... err, working.

Image: Giphy