'The Flinstones' May Get Resurrected By 'Anchorman's Will Ferrell & Adam McKay

The last time we saw The Flinstones was in 2000, when Stephen Baldwin, Kristen Johnston, Mark Addy, and Jane Krakowski were rocking it live-action style in Flinstones In Viva Rock Vegas. Then Seth MacFarlane tried a failed hand at it. Now Will Ferrell and Adam McKay might be the ones to bring The Flinstones back. Maybe theirs will be the one to stick.

The version Ferrell and McKay have up their sleeves apparently go back to the cartoon DNA of the concept, and have hired Chris Henchy — screenwriter of The Campaign — for the writing part of the gig. With Charlie Brown & Co. returning to the animated world through the CGI wonder of the upcoming Peanuts movie a revival of these famous cavemen doesn't seem too out of place. The Flinstones was, after all, the most successful long-running cartoon until The Simpsons came along and usurped its crown.

The last uptick of Flinstones activity came in 2011 when Family Guy's MacFarlane announced plans to reboot the show for Fox. After Fox head Kevin Reilly "liked but didn't love" the pilot script MacFarlane moved on to other projects and Flinstones was shelved. And now another set of comedy tycoons have picked it up off that shelf. Now let's see how thoroughly they can dust it off.