Daniel Radcliffe Might Be Engaged, But We’ll Never Know ‘Cause He Doesn’t Tell Us Anything

Daniel Radcliffe is a pretty mysterious guy when it comes to his personal life. He doesn't have Instagram (gasp!) or Twitter (double gasp!) and if I told you he's been in a relationship for two years you might be surprised and have no idea what his girlfriend looks like. This is why it's quite shocking that, reportedly, Daniel Radcliffe is engaged. According to Star magazine, Radcliffe proposed to Erin Darke, an actress who was in Kill Your Darlings with Radcliffe, and there are some pretty specific details given by anonymous sources. I would say that all of this is completely made-up, but because Radcliffe isn't going to set the record straight, I guess we'll never know.

A "close pal" who "spoke" with the "magazine" said, "Dan is desperately in love... They’re trying to keep it low-key, because he’s very private, but they’re both bursting with excitement. It’s the happiest we’ve seen him in years." Um... way to go, "friend" who knows Radcliffe is private but still spilled everything to a magazine. Unless you aren't a friend at all! Dan, can we get some clarification? Dan??? Can you post a Twitpic of yourself holding a sign that says "I'm not engaged?" Dan, are you there?!

He's not there.

Star explains that the wedding will be held at "an outdoor ceremony on the banks of Lake Michigan next year" and that the couple is headed to Paris to find the perfect engagement ring. I don't know, you guys. This sounds very suspicious, but without DanRad explaining one way or another, we'll just have to go along with it.

Additionally, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint are said to be attending the wedding with Grint as best man. Okay! That's enough! The wedding that couldn't possibility be planned yet and the couple who don't yet have an engagement ring already have Ron as a best man and confirmation from Hermione? Yeah right. Next thing you know the honeymoon destination will be Hogwarts and Radcliffe will have reportedly put in an order for ten cases of Butterbeer.

If only there was a way for Radcliffe to tell us in 140 characters or less if any of this was true...