‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers for Andi Dorfman’s Season Shed Light On Awesome Surprise To Come

Are you ready for The Bachelorette? You don't have long! There's only two weeks to come up with a good excuse for your friends, family, or significant other as to why you're watching it. I use "It's for work," but angrily shouting "It's funny, okay?!" and the much more depressing "It makes me feel better about my life" also work. On this season's Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman is taking on the role and based on a new press release from ABC, it sounds like this season will be typically Bachelorette-y, but with a few new surprises thrown in.

Here's what we learned:

Typical: There Will Be "Private Concerts by Pop Superstars"

This has become standard on recent seasons, but usually these "pop superstars" are unrecognizable. This season's concerts include names you've never heard like, This Wild Life, Ben Fields, American Young, and...

Surprising: Boyz II Men!

They got Boyz II Men?! There's someone I've actually heard of performing on The Bachelorette? Apparently this is part of a group date where 12 bachelors will sing with Boyz II Men. There is bad, extremely cheesy R&B singing in our future.

Typical: They Travel Around the World

They ALWAYS travel around the world.

Surprising: They're Sticking With A European Theme For Their Travels

Andi and the men will travel to Marseilles, Venice, Verona, Ghent, and Brussels. There isn't always a theme, so it's much appreciated.

Typical: There Will Be A Sports Group Date

There's always a group date where the bachelors/bachelorettes compete either against each other or against professional players. This time, the bachelors will play basketball with WNBA players.

Surprising: There Will Be A Date Where Andi & A Suitor Age 50 Years

"Hollywood make-up magic" will show Andi and her date what they will look like in 50 years. This sounds terrifying. Am I the only one already planning to change the channel during this scene?

Typical: The Limo Arrivals Are Going to Be Crazy

One man sings, one man pushes the "stalled" limo to impress Andi, one man pops a bottle of champagne in the drive way (this guy sounds like a keeper), and one man "treats her to a special cookie tasting" (he sounds like a keeper too).

Surprising: A Former Cast Member Shows Up!

The press release reads, "A former Bachelorette cast member is trying to crash the party. This uninvited guest has traveled all the way to Los Angeles with the hope that he will be allowed to join the group of men vying for Andi’s affections." Oh my god, y'all! Who is it?! Please let it be Brooks, I have a soft spot for Brooks, and if he isn't going to date fellow normal person Sharleen, it might as well be Andi. Or the surprise guy could be Juan Pablo. Technically, he is a former Bachelorette contestant.

Relieving: The Season Will Be Dedicated To Eric Hill

After contestant Eric Hill tragically died in a paragliding accident, it was worrisome to think about how the show would go on without him. ABC has decided to dedicate the season to Hill and, according to the press release, host Chris Harrison will honor Hill and "will reveal how Eric shared passionate and courageous spirit in becoming part of the Bachelor family." We still don't know if the tribute will be an improvement from the one for Gia Allemand, but things sound hopeful.

Feeling excited now? Andi's season of The Bachelorette will premiere on May 19 at 9:30 p.m. (Ps. Surprising: The first episode will only be an hour and a half. Maybe they want to ease us back into it.)

Images: ABC; Giphy