Brooks' Tweets Make 'The Bachelor' Way Better

On the most recent season of The Bachelorette there was a contestant named Brooks. He was far too normal for the show and this lead to a legitimately heartbreaking episode where he left the show early even though bachelorette Desiree Hartsock was in love with him. The thing was, he just couldn't fall in love with someone, to the point where he was expected to propose to them, in ten weeks. He was reasonable and for that fact alone, he was awesome. Now, Brooks Forester is tweeting during episodes of this season's Bachelor and his commentary is hilarious. Much like some of the other previous contestants whose tweets make the show more enjoyable, Brooks brings some comedy to the totally ridiculous situations.

The one problem with Brooks' tweets are that they poke a lot of fun at Sharleen Joynt. Sharleen has been this season's Brooks. She found the whole process strange and was open about it the entire time. Sharleen left the show on her own on Monday night's episode after not finding the mental connection she was looking for with Juan Pablo. This entire season I have been saying that Brooks and Sharleen should somehow end up together, so while I'm not upset with Brooks for making fun of her because it's mean (it isn't and seems to be in good fun), I'm upset with Brooks for not wooing her instead. Come on, man! You guys could live a life of making fun of future Bachelor contestants together! To hold you over until that envitably happens, here are some of Brooks' best Bachelor tweets.

On Juan Pablo's attempt to stop kissing women:

On No Screen Time Danielle:

On Sharleen's ridiculous panda quote:

On Sharleen's early exit weeks after she said that ridiculous panda quote:

On Nikki trying to steal his corny Bachelorette phrase:

On Nikki and Clare's fight:

On Chelsie's letters from her parents:

And finally, a little respect for Sharleen which obviously hints at their happy future together:

Image: Brooks Forester/Twitter