7 Other Epic 'Family Feud' Fails

Don't you just love an epic fail on a weekday afternoon? The viral Family Feud fail video, in which Anna completely blows the Sass family's 182-point lead, is sweeping the Internet as the biggest fail in the history of the show. And as enjoyable/awful as it is to watch her painfully flub her way through the round, I also feel really embarrassed for her. But I don't feel like she should face this humiliation by herself.

Game shows are all about finding the weakest link (goodbye), and while I understand Anna's extreme embarrassment and Steve Harvey's visible pity for her, she really isn't alone in all of this. (Well, unless her family disowns her for completely blowing it, but I'd like to assume that families can withstand game show losses.) In fact, Anna doesn't really have to feel that bad about this at all — because she's not the first and definitely won't be the last Family Feud contestant to totally blow it.

So, if the Sass family doesn't want her anymore, at least she'll be in the great company with these other contestants that epically failed before her. Family Feud has racked up an impressive number of Internet-worthy fails over the years. So, smile, Anna, you're not alone.

Here are 7 other epically horrible Family Feud fails — but first, Anna's:

Okay, fine. That was really, really bad.

This Guy Who Forgot He Was On A Family Show

Harvey is APPALLED.

This Woman Whose Mind Was In The Gutter

Harvey is just speechless. He can't even.

This Guy Who Just Didn't Get It

"So that was embarrassing..."

This Guy Who Didn't Know About Silent J's

And who didn't realize that he gave a ridiculously embarrassing wrong answer.

This Unbelievably Embarrassing Answer

At least Anna's answers were better than this. Zombies are black? C'mon.

This Girl Who Hit The Buzzer Too Soon

She didn't even get to answer — which I guess is probably better than answering at all if you're Anna.

This Girl Who's Answer Was Way Too Dirty

Harvey actually celebrated with a dance when this girl was wrong. Now that's an epic fail.

And if you still don't believe me, here's a round-up of some of Family Feuds' worst answers of all time:

Seriously, Anna — you're no worse than these fellow failures.

Image: The CW