Rachel Could Be a 'Glee' Villain. Yes, Really.

Major changes are coming to Glee once again. After spending most of Season 5 in New York City, Glee is ready to move on to yet another location — and another time entirely. Co-creator Ryan Murphy warned us earlier this year that Glee Season 6 is leaving New York for a brand new location in the aftermath of the Season 5 finale. We now know the Glee finale sent Rachel to Los Angeles to star in her own TV show. But will heading out to L.A. to become a TV star make Rachel's already diva-sized ego even bigger?

Though the Glee creators won't confirm too many details about Season 6 yet, it seems likely that the the scattered Gleeks at the end of Season 5 could reconvene in L.A. Rachel already headed out to the city to audition for a television pilot and, despite a disastrous audition, scored a development deal with Fox. (Super meta, right?) Unfortunately, by heading out to audition for the pilot, Rachel also alienated her producers at Funny Girl , who saw her as exhibiting major diva behavior by ditching one of her performances for a "bigger" opportunity. And you know what? The producers were totally right. It's crazy that Rachel sees nothing wrong with ditching her alleged "dream role" in Funny Girl without hardly any thought.

Then again, it's also not that surprising. Rachel has insane ambitions — she's a star and she knows it. Her obsession with fame and stardom used to be what gave her the competitive edge, but now it's simply making her unlikable. She puts her own opportunities above everyone else, including her loyal and under-appreciated best friend, Kurt. What's disturbing about Rachel's "star quality" is that she's never content with her own achievements, making her constantly seek out bigger, better opportunities, which she'll fight tooth-and-nail for, often bending her moral code in the process.

At the end of the day (or, rather, every episode) Rachel typically "sees the light" and realizes that she was being incredibly immature, selfish and egotistical. Now, Rachel is heading out west. It's a professional decision, of course, but also one that involves letting down the people who stuck their neck out for this Broadway newbie.

Since Glee is jumping ahead in time after Season 5, this seems to make sense. Rachel leaves on her own and separates from all of her friends and since she's already had a lot of luck for a girl who just booked her Broadway show, it wouldn't be surprising to see Hollywood embrace Rachel. Could Rachel become a superstar between seasons? If so, there's no way she'd be humble about it — especially without any of her friends to drag her back down to earth.

But just because Rachel might become even more awful doesn't mean that all hope is lost for her character. This scenario would make Rachel the Season 6 "villain," but that would mean that Season 6 could be all about her eventual redemption, nostalgia for her old friends, and the importance of balancing ambition with loyalty and friendship. (How very Glee.)

We'll have to wait til Glee's return to really know whether or not Rachel's ego will be Season 6's dragon of an issue.

Image: Fox (2)