Guesses On What's Going On Here?

Honestly, I thought I had seen enough big hats to last me a lifetime after the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. Page Six, however, has re-sparked my interest in outrageous headpieces by tweeting out the mysterious photo above.

The most puzzling part of the whole situation, is that the link in the tweet leads to this article that lets me know Leo DiCaprio is maybe thinking about buying some surfer paintings. Not that I'm mad about that — hot celebrities and themed art happen to be two of my personal hobbies. Still, it leaves me totally confused about the origins of this owl-sporting socialite. Is she the one selling DiCaprio beach art? Is this actually DiCaprio done up in amazing Heidi Klum on Halloween-style makeup for his next role?

Sadly, the truth is much less exciting, though that hat is still amazing. The sartorially saavy woman in the photo is Carol McDermott, a chairperson on the board of the Central Park Conservancy in NYC, and this isn't her first flora-and-fauna-themed hat. McDermott donned this amazing topper at the Frederick Law Olmsted Awards luncheon, aka “The Hat Lunch,” Wednesday afternoon. Though big, derby-style hats were abundant at the event, McDermott was the clear winner of an unofficial decorating contest. According to another article on Page Six, she "always does a park theme," sporting Sheep Meadow at a previous year's lunch.

Mystery solved. Phew.

Image: Twitter/@pagesix