In Celebration Of Thick Thighs

The hashtag #ThickThighsThursday is trending on Twitter today, with lots of people proudly showing off their distinct lack of thigh gap. 'Cause: thigh gap? Who needs it! Whether you see the hashtag as a much-needed antidote to thinspiration or just a lot of fun, it definitely worth checking out.

#ThickThighsThursday as a hashtag has been around for a long time, like a less popular cousin of #ThrowBackThursday. It's first use was way back in 2010 — practically a lifetime ago in Internet years — but today it's getting more attention than ever. The outpouring started, bizarrely enough, after the Twitter account @peekers, a graphic photo account with almost 200,000 followers, tweeted a (non-graphic) photo with the hashtag. Since then, hundreds of people have been using the hashtag, and although there are a few graphic pics, most users just seem to want to show off the many ways women with thick thighs can be beautiful.

In a culture that has recently become obsessed with thigh gap as an arbitrary — and sometimes dangerous — ideal, it's nice to see people being public and proud of bodies that don't meet this ridiculous criteria. And so we've collected some of our favorite #ThickThighsThursday pictures here for your viewing pleasure.

It all started with this pic:

And kept getting better from there.

Some people took the opportunity to post some vintage shots.

And then there were those who had a whole different kind of thigh in mind.

Oh, advertising. When will you learn? Happy #ThickThighsThursday everyone!

Image: Wikipedia Commons