This 'DWTS' Chemistry Is Undeniable

Okay, so are Dancing with the Stars' Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis dating YET? Unfortunately, still no. Even though Maks and Meryl have been going on dates and Maks fearlessly defended her against Abby Lee Miller on last Monday's episode and all signs point to "YES, WE'RE DATING." But while the high-scoring pair seem to think they're hiding something from us all — chemistry doesn't lie, which makes them just about as bad at faking it as they are good at dancing.

From Maks' day one proposal to Meryl to this past week, the couple have been adorable, flirtatious, and all-around steamy. Hence the reason why I'm even bothering to wonder if they're IRL or if it's even a possibility post-DWTS for them to come clean about their relationship. If you watch closely (some of their moments happen very quickly), each of their numbers includes some indication of their very-obvious intimacy — whether it be for the success of the dance or because they just can't seem to keep their love for each other inside.

And, well, there's no denying the fact that they're more or less attached at the hip at this point — what with attending events together and going out to regular lunches. They should know that the longer they try to hide their relationship, the more emotionally invested fans (like myself) will try to prove that they are very much in love and Maks will probably pop the question when they win this season DWTS.

So, here are seven of Maks and Meryl's most intimate and flirtatious DWTS moments that prove they're totally in love:

This Dance-Off Kiss

C'mon, guys, do you really need to be that cute on live television?

This "Latin Night" Moment

Jumping into his arms.


Who can read lips? Is he saying, "I love you?" I NEED TO KNOW.

This Week 6 Moment

There's just no way they're faking this. No. Way.

And The Accompanying Rehearsal Moment

What goes on behind closed doors...

And These Other Rehearsal Moments

That is definitely not just a friendly hug.

And this is just unbelievably adorable and intimate.

Every Time They've Ever Held Hands

This is so much more than standard, dance partner hand-holding.

The Entirety Of Their "All Of Me" Number

I just can't watch this without feeling like they're rubbing in our faces that they're so in love.

Images: ABC, sabrinathaonguyen/Tumblr, foxarefriendsnotfur/Tumblr (3), kbnello/Tumblr (5)