'Cyber-Seniors' Will Brighten Your Day

How's your day going? Kind of eh? A little boring? Awesome, watch this video — I double dog dare you not to crack a smile. Remember that heartwarming-slash-heartbreaking, all around excellent documentary Young @ Heart ? This seems like it will be kind of like that, but with more internet-based, friendly competition. From what I can tell from the trailer, Cyber-Seniors is a documentary about a retirement community taught to use the internet by a small group of young volunteers, through the process closing the generation gap and proving that the same things really matter to everyone, no matter what their age. But if you go to the film's website, you'll see it's actually about an entire volunteer organization which was originally started by teenage sisters who were hoping to help the elderly re-connect with friends and family through Skype, Facebook, and —spoiler alert — YouTube. That's right, not only do the seniors figure out how to use YouTube, they create rivaling channels and duke it out for hits.

The movie apparently only has screenings scheduled for New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto at the moment, but luckily you're young and internet savvy and therefore know how to torrent. And if you do go see the film and it inspires you, why not volunteer with the Cyber-Seniors Network? You could make somebody's day, just like this trailer will make yours!

Check out the adorable trailer below!

Images: thepeterboroughsquirrel.com