'The Challenge: Free Agents' Gets Nasty When the Vets Are Voted into Elimination

After fielding multiple eliminations in a row, Challenge veteran and underdog extraordinaire Cara Maria FINALLY got to sit this round out. On Thursday’s episode, after a grueling ropes course, it was longtime competitors Laurel and Johnny Bananas who were sent into the elimination room along with Jasmine and Isaac, who pulled the kill cards. And though the eliminations were unevenly stacked, they were still filled with plenty of drama.

This week, the voting process brought out the worst in certain players, especially Theresa. She threw her fellow competitors under the bus after convincing the winning team to vote fearsome Laurel into the elimination, and when she cast her own vote, she copped out. It was a sneaky move that most certainly put a target on her back. It also seems like Laurel was keeping tabs on everyone who voted against her for future revenge. So if we remember from last week, Aneesa is targeting Laurel, and Laurel is targeting everyone. Glad that's settled. Ah Free Agents, will you ever learn that alliances and power plays have been thrown out the window this season?

After last week’s hormone-fest, it was a bit of a relief to have an episode that focused on the competition and the actual challenge at hand. There was, however, one brief moment of nudity when Cara Maria triumphantly streaked throughout the house to celebrate the fact she was on the winning team and couldn’t be sent in for elimination. But other than that, this week really was all about The Challenge. Preston continued to surprise everyone with his athletic abilities, Cohutta adorably coasted by, and Johnny Bananas had the grammar knocked right out of him after falling from the ropes course. When commenting on Jordan’s disqualifications, he explained, “He basically, figuratively and literally has hung himself out to dry.” Next time Bananas, pick one adverb and quit picking so many fights.

After Laurel and Bananas sent home Jasmine and Isaac with what seemed to be the greatest of ease, you have to wonder if it will make future votes go easy on them or push even harder to take them out. It's one thing to be a great competitor. It's another to be a great competitor with enemies.

Image: MTV