Jon Hamm Knows He Has a Very Large Body Part & Isn't Afraid to Discuss It — VIDEO

Oh, Jon Hamm. He's just such a master of charm, isn't he? And he's so, so, so, so masculine — so masculine that his very large masculinity protrudes through his sweatpants. On Thursday night, Jon Hamm talked to Seth Meyers about his very large... head. You guys, c'mon! What were you thinking it was?!?

The Mad Men star slash former dating show loser (but viral sensation!) was chatting with Meyers about one of the times when Hamm appeared on Saturday Night Live . Apparently, when Hamm was on the show, he discovered that he had the second largest head that the wig department had ever seen. And seriously, his head is huge — Meyers put his head next to Hamm's, and seriously — Hamm's head is surprisingly large. And by head, I mean HEAD LIKE THE THING THAT HOLDS YOUR BRAIN, not head of a — look, I can assume that you think I'm talking about man-parts because I'm talking about Jon Hamm — that's a totally justifiable assumption.

Anyway, check out the video. Hamm is definitely a — wait for it — ham (and don't you worry, Hamm and Meyers have plenty of "Hamm" puns for you), and get confirmation for yourself that Hamm is large in the head department.