ABC's 'Mixology' Canceled & That's Great News For Women

Good news for all of the people who weren't watching this show but were repulsed at the idea of it existing anyway! ABC has cancelled Mixology , which, let's face it — is pretty freaking great. This not only means that we don't have to change the channel when this not funny and sexist show comes on, but it suggests that maybe — MAYBE — networks are getting the hint that unfunny tropes of women and sexism are not substitutes for humor.

The show's premise was nonsensical. Ten folks at a bar, and who will end up with whom? OH GOD, I DON'T KNOW perhaps drunk girl with horny boy? LOL, I love it when horny boys say anything because alcohol. This could have been funny, but it wasn't. Women do go to bars to meet men, but this is not the trajectory it often takes.

Furthermore, the jokes made me want to take a shower. But hey, I learned a whole lot through the offensive jokes, like how apparently, when I wear flats, I'm not sexy, but when I wear heels, my legs are wide open. I thought my legs just looked leaner, but apparently, THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH. Thanks for the lesson, ABC. Xoxo.

But obviously, we don't need to pout anymore over the jokes that referred to rape and racism since this all will be gone, but I hope ABC learned their lesson, because this shit ain't funny. Of course, there's always the fear that the network just nixed the show because of ratings, but hopefully ABC is good with the transitive property and recognizes that sexism does not lead to success.

Does Mixology's cancelation guarantee we're never going see another show with this kind of pandering, icky humor? As we get more and more television shows with strong female characters, it's possible that a girl will be able to walk into a bar (on television) without being perceived as a slut. Winning.

See you later, Mixology. You won't be missed.

Image: ABC