Will Stefan's Death On 'The Vampire Diaries' Affect Klaus & Caroline? Let's Break This Down

[Warning: If you haven’t seen Thursday night’s The Vampire Diaries, there will be major spoilers ahead.] Now that the shock's worn off (kind of), it's time that we address the elephant in the room — what does Stefan Salvatore's death mean for Klaus and Caroline? And what does it mean for her friendship with Stefan? On Thursday night's episode of The Vampire Diaries , the series "killed off" one of its Big Three. And even though we're not worried about Paul Wesley leaving the show, we are worried about how being the one to witness his death with effect Caroline's relationships with Stefan and her fan-favorite 'ship with The Originals' Klaus Mikaelson.

Season 5 of TVD trod dangerously close to crossing the friendship line with Stefan and Caroline all season. And I'm certain that it was no coincidence that it was Caroline that witnessed Stefan's final moments rather than any of the series' other characters. But was it a declaration of their friendship or that something more is going to happen here? For the fans who accepted Damon and Elena as an endgame relationship, Steroline became their way of coping with feeling guilty that Damon stole Stefan's girl. Regardless of whether it was a cop out for the series or not. And we're still wondering, Paul Wesley included, whether or not Julie Plec plans to drop that bomb on us at some point during the Season 5 finale or in Season 6.

I know this was on all of your minds while Caroline held a dying Stefan in her arms and screamed for help like some type of tragic heroine. Seriously, don't lie — I know what you were thinking. It's okay, because I was thinking it, too. Was this pairing, in that specific moment, supposed to make up for TVD's writers destroying Caroline's character during last Thursday's episode? Probably, even though I wasn't necessarily impressed. But, the fact remains that there are three different outcomes that will come out of Caroline being there for Stefan as he succumbed to death. And only one of them is favorable.

Outcome #1: Caroline & Stefan Are Bonded As Friends For Ever

Having your best friend, that you've spent seasons building a relationship with, die in your arms is tragic and traumatic. And, for Caroline, who feels things almost as intensely as Stefan does, this will change her and it will absolutely change her views on their friendship. Nothing like a little death experience to test the limits of your platonic emotions. Now, we know that Caroline and Stefan make great friends — they support each other, they care about each other, and because they're not romantic, they're able to be the best friends they can possibly be. And that's going to be important now more than ever.

So, Caroline might be realizing that what Stefan needs her to be the best possible friend right now. And that bond would overpower any type of romantic interest. Thus leaving Caroline free to pursue her obvious soulmate Klaus, while still keeping the most important friendship on TVD alive.

(In case you didn't realize, this is the most favorable outcome.)

Outcome #2: Caroline Will Forget About Klaus & Fall For Stefan

If this happens — Julie Plec will have a lot more angry fans than she has today, less than 24 hours after killing Stefan. Fans of TVD and The Originals that 'ship Klaroline have no intention of ever supporting another pairing for Mystic Falls' resident blonde vampire. It's just not in the cards. BUT, again, highly emotional moment having someone you love (even as a friend) die in your arms. And in that moment, Caroline's feelings were most likely running the gambit (who could blame her) and she could've come to an upsetting conclusion — that she loves Stefan and wants to be with him.

Crazy things happen when people are pushed to their emotional limits — like forgetting who your soulmate is. Ugh.

(This is an overall unfavorable outcome, by the way. PAY ATTENTION, JULIE PLEC.)

Outcome #3: Caroline Will Fall For Stefan, But Still Love Klaus

This is the complicated one. I mean, they're all complicated but this one would be exceptionally difficult for Caroline and for fans of both CW series. Klaus did make an agreement with her that he was leaving and never coming back in exchange for Caroline being honest about her feelings. And just because he's gone, doesn't mean that she has to stop loving him. But it also doesn't mean that she has to be alone either, right?

It's not Caroline's fault that Plec and TVD's writers won't just let her go to New Orleans and follow her heart. So, as infuriating as it might be to watch this obviously forced relationship with Caroline and Stefan happen. At least she won't be so lonely? I know, I know — Klaus is Caroline's soulmate and she'll never love another being like she loves him. But while their love story is on the back burner, it's alright for her to be with someone else as long as she doesn't start talking about "forevers". Again, so not her fault that she can't just peace out over to The Originals and fulfill her destiny right now.

(This really isn't the preferred scenario, but it's still 1000 times better than the second outcome.)

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