'DWTS' Maks Chmerkovskiy & Meryl Davis Should Be Dating & Everyone On the Internet Knows It

We know this is the truth — Dancing With The Stars' Maks Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis should be dating — but they're not. But they should be. You can see it in their passionate, soulful dances and their blatant, obvious, chemistry. But that's the thing: we all can see it, but they can't. Sigh. Isn't that the way it always is?

The two have been going on "dates," but for all we know, they could just be friend dates. Maks shot down Abby Lee Miller in a move that made it seem like he was coming to the defense of Meryl, a total boyfriend-y kind of move, that yet again, served as affirmation to us that their love is obvious ... but we're not the ones who can seal that deal for the two of them, ya know? It's up to them, unfortunately.

But there's hope. Hollywoodlife.com reported that the two were inseparable, and that Meryl looooves Maks's muscles. I mean, who doesn't.

Perhaps what the two need to come forth with their obvious passion for one another and publicly announce that they are, indeed, a couple, is to just take a gander over at Twitter. After all, when the Internet has a thought... it tweets it. This is only further proof that literally everyone knows that the two of them should be dating.

So here, Maks and Meryl: here are just some examples of the love you're denying. Feel yourself say, "duh" as you read.

No. No, it is not. In fact, you are not alone in that thought, @almariachi. CLEARLY.

Image: ABC, foxarefriendsnotfur/Tumblr