'Masters Of Sex' Season 2 Trailer Gives You Exactly What You Want: Powerful Women — VIDEO

Check your Kinsey report at the door, my friends, and mark your calendars! The trailer for Season 2 of Masters of Sex is here. The saucy, smart, and darkly funny show that chronicles the trajectories of two real-life sex research pioneers is back for more on July 13, and it looks like it's going to continue to be pretty great.

So! Don't worry — this trailer doesn't have any spoilers, just merely teasers. For those of you interested in what's up with Masters and Johnson, know that the two of them will be attempting to work on their relationship, and presumably, in the bedroom — considering that in the trailer, we can hear Johnson saying she's going to meet Masters in a hotel room. All of this will be amidst ample drama, too, as this trailer has a pretty sad and foreboding soundtrack. We can see that big stuff is coming.

This only adds to the already bubbling excitement, as Sarah Silverman will be showing up as Betty's former lover, Helen. She should serve as an excellent source of comic relief despite everything else that's going on (HOSPITALS. OH SHIT).

But this trailer also serves as a reminder of something that this show signifies. What's really awesome (besides the fact that we're getting more of this show) is that we're going to have the opportunity to spend some more time with one of the most complex women on television right now, Virginia Johnson, who's played by the always phenomenal Lizzy Caplan. From Janis Ian to Virginia Johnson. Seriously. Here's an appropriate time to give yet another high five to Showtime for giving us awesome lady characters who illustrate the fact that women can be intelligent and sexual. (High five, Showtime!)

Check out the trailer below!

Image: Showtime