'Game of Thrones' Daario & 7 Others Who Stupidly Risk Their Lives for Daenerys

If you've been too busy wondering who that unfamiliar guy following Daenerys around on-screen is each Game of Thrones episode to pay much attention to what he's actually been doing, it's understandable; Ed Skrein, the actor who used to play Daario, one of Dany's main fighters, was replaced this season by Orphan Black 's Michael Huisman. Once you get over the confusion, though, start giving Daario's actions some notice, as his character's importance has increased steadily with every episode. Three weeks ago, he defeated Meereen's champion (later peeing on an enemy's arrow for effect), and in last Sunday's episode, he revealed to Dany that he captured ninety ships to add to her fast-growing fleet, just because ("I heard you like ships"). Daario's doing big things on Thrones lately, and it's all because of Dany.

Like many, many people before him, Daario seems to think the Mother of Dragons is the greatest, and has a desire to prove his worth to her whenever possible. We won't spoil for non-book readers if the duo ever actually get together, but even without knowing their fate, it's clear that there's some tension between the two. Presumably, Daario wouldn't risk his life over and over again for just anyone, but there's something about Dany that makes him — as well as a whole bunch of others — do stupid, reckless things for a woman whose too busy playing with her dragons to return the flirtation. The men who've worshipped Dany, below:


Stupid things done for Dany: Kills Second Sons members to prove his allegiance; swears his life to her; infiltrates cities; gives her flowers (like that's gonna impress a girl with dragons); volunteers to singlehandedly fight Meereen's champion with nothing but a dagger; pees on the ground to mark his territory, because that's a thing men do.

Ser Jorah

Stupid things done for Dany: Ignores higher-ups' orders to kill her men; defends her from her brother; prevents her assassination; bows down to her after seeing her birth dragons, which we guess is kind of a big deal; tells her he looooves her; generally risks his life for her, gives her advice, and proclaims his loyalty for her no matter how annoying she gets.

Khal Drogo

Stupid things done for Dany: Marries her; gets her pregnant; swears on his life that he'll avenge King Robert after he tried to assassinate her; raids villages to get her slaves; dies doing so.

Grey Worm

Stupid things done for Dany: Decides to fight for her; refuses to change his awful name, just because it's the one he had when she set him free; asks to kill the Meereen champion for her; is actually disappointed when she says no.

Barristan Selmy

Stupid things done for Dany: Saves her from assassination; proclaims his loyalty to her; agrees to kill a Second Sons captain for her; volunteers to kill the Meereen champion for her. Seriously, guys?!

Missandei (not a man, but still obsessed with Dany)

Stupid things done for Dany: Translates everything for her; isn't pissed when she reveals she understood all along; follows her everywhere; tattles on gambling Grey Worm and Daario.

The Dragons

Stupid things done for Dany: Set things (and people) on fire, a lot.


Stupid things done for Dany: None. Her brother may have been terrible, but at least he didn't do whatever she said just because she's pretty.

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