Someone's Trying To Cause A Feud Between Matthew McConaughey & Anne Hathaway...

Oh, Matthew McConaughey. There's no way this is true, but if it is, get ready for a bucketload of nicknames headed in your direction. Rumors are circling that Matthew McConaughey had a not very nice nickname for Anne Hathaway while the two were working on Christopher Nolan's upcoming Instellar, which is due out in November. The movie itself looks great — space! McConaughey in his McConnaisance! Anne Hathaway! SPACE LOVERS! — and now, we get to enjoy these silly rumors because apparently somebody's trying to ignite a feud between these two stars.

Apparently, a "source" — hence why this is a RUMOR, mis amigos — said that McConaughey HATED Hathaway and tried to work with her body double as often as possible. According to this "source" he also called her "Little Alien Annie," which goes to show that when people make up rumors about Matthew McConaughey, they do not imagine him to have a very wide imagine. This source apparently claimed:

Anne drove Matthew crazy by constantly asking director Christopher Nolan questions about space travel and life on other planets.

One day, Matt got so fed up he screamed at her, ‘We don’t have to be real scientists to play these parts, Anne!

He often referred to her as ‘nerd girl’ and ‘Little Alien Annie’ behind her back. He also had his body double shoot his scenes with her whenever possible.

Love me some good tabloid drama!! And when it's tabloid fodder, you know it's likely fiction, and just somebody trying to create a little inter-stellar (get i? Between stars? As in celebrities? Sorry.) feud. But seriously, Person Who Made This Up, "Little Alien Annie?" C'mon, guys.You obviously really dislike McConaughey and trying to tear him down — and you also might just be trying to set in motion a rumor about his lack of creativity. But still, naysayer — you've got to believe the Oscar-winner is slightly more creative than that...right? Or are you still harping over Failure To Launch? If that's the case, well...then maybe that makes sense.