CBS Renews 'The Mentalist,' But Cancels Five Other Shows, Including SMG's 'The Crazy Ones'

It always seems like a bloodbath around May: some shows are canceled, while others walk away seeming like lone victors in wars that seem like they have way too many unfortunate casualties. (Why, Community, why!?!?) Now we know that CBS is renewing The Mentalist , but canceling a whole slew of other shows. While none of these canceled shows are as gut wrenching as the death of Community , it's still pretty eye-opening to see how few new shows on network television make it past a first season.

So, yes, The Mentalist was saved, but it's also heading towards its seventh and likely final season. If it's survived six seasons, that means it has a solid, steady, loyal fan base that comprises its audience.

But what did CBS put on the chopping block? They decided to cut the Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams sitcom, The Crazy Ones, after its freshmen season, even though we said they'd be crazy to cut it. (So, there you have it: CBS is crazy.) It also axed mid-season shows Bad Teacher and Friends With Better Lives — the latter two aren't completely surprising, considering how mid-season shows rarely make it. The network also nixed the Monday night dramas Intelligence and Hostages, neither of which premiered to solid ratings, anyway.

With the recent onslaught of so many shows, we've got to ask, can shows on network television make it if they don't have a big star or a high concept? Apparently that's not enough — Sarah Michelle Gellar seemed like a surefire bet for a steady series, since she, after all, is Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Perhaps it's tough to want to tune in to safer basic cable options when there are so many boundary-pushing options to watch premium cable. Or perhaps these shows just weren't up to par — people have higher standards now. Like, if you can't compete with Ron Swanson or Arya Stark, then folks may not want to tune in.

Or they will, just out sheer curiosity...or because it's a guilty pleasure. Hello, The Bachelor.