11 Awesome (And Affordable) Rugs to Spice Up Your Living Space

In the past few months I've become completely obsessed with the DIY and home decor world. I'll stay up late to check my favorite blogs. I'll create thousands of bookmarks of crafts I'll never make. I'll practically hand my paycheck directly to Etsy. I don't know what's happening but I don't think I want it to end.

One of the branches on this obsession tree is rugs. Small rugs, big rugs, doormats, bath mats, you name it — I have about 50 of each in my online shopping carts. The real problem I've come across (besides finding rugs that won't deplete my entire savings account) is finding a rug that works in an already decorated room. It's not easy, but I rounded up 11 examples I think you'll love.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

geometric bear doormat

Let’s start with a unique geometric bear DIY doormat from Vintage Revivals. It’s welcoming, trendy, and easier to make than you think.

Image: Vintage Revivals

diy rope rug

This is easily my favorite DIY rug I’ve seen, and of course it’s from the brilliant minds over at A Beautiful Mess. It works perfectly in a kitchen or a living room and can be any size you’d like.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

berber moroccan multi rug

Purchasing a rug is always easier than making one yourself, and this Moroccan multi rug is a sure hit.

Berber Moroccan Multi Rug, $179+,

painted stripe rug

You may not expect it, but Urban Outfitters is kind of killing it in the home decor department. This painted stripe rug is too cool to pass up.

Painted Stripe Rug, $44+,

diy braided rug

This braided rug from A Beautiful Mess is a true work of art. The best part? You can braid all of that fabric while you catch up on your favorite TV shows.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

pass this on rug

This may be called the “pass this on” rug but I don’t think I could part with it. It doubles as both a rug and an optical illusion.

Pass This On Rug, $28,

triangle pattern rug

I’m a sucker for muted colors like the ones in this triangle pattern.

Triangle Pattern Rug, $28,

diy woven rag rug

You can make this woven rag rug from A Beautiful Mess any color you’d like, but I’m loving this gray and white theme.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

geodesic rug

Make your place effortlessly cool with this black and white geodesic rug.

Geodesic Rug, $28,

4040 Locust Hexagon Rug

A lot of these rugs are heavy on the pattern (sorry I’m not sorry) but this hexagon rug still manages to keep it simple.

Hexagon Rug, $89+,

gold polka dot rug

Sure it may seem a little too quirky at first, but who couldn’t love this sweet gold polka dot number?

Polka Dot Rug, $28,