11 Awesome (And Affordable) Rugs to Spice Up Your Living Space

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In the past few months I've become completely obsessed with the DIY and home decor world. I'll stay up late to check my favorite blogs. I'll create thousands of bookmarks of crafts I'll never make. I'll practically hand my paycheck directly to Etsy. I don't know what's happening but I don't think I want it to end.

One of the branches on this obsession tree is rugs. Small rugs, big rugs, doormats, bath mats, you name it — I have about 50 of each in my online shopping carts. The real problem I've come across (besides finding rugs that won't deplete my entire savings account) is finding a rug that works in an already decorated room. It's not easy, but I rounded up 11 examples I think you'll love.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

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