The 'Revenge' Finale Was Full Of Twists

Okay, can we all just stop for a second and acknowledge how great Revenge has gotten since its move to the 10 p.m. slot on Sunday nights? Because it truly has exceeded all of the expectations we've had for it. Last Sunday's episode of the ABC drama left us with so many questions about where Emily Thorne and the Graysons were headed. And since the show's been recently renewed for a fourth season, I'm not surprised that the Season 3 finale was epic. So epic that it brought out the father of all twists: David Clarke is alive.

I know, if you watched Sunday night's finale, you're probably still reeling from the HUGE reveal that the man Emily's been fighting so hard for so long to vindicate has actually been alive this entire time. Don't worry, because so am I. The fact that David Clarke has been alive and in hiding for all of these years severely changes the game — and provides further proof that Revenge's newly granted fourth season could be its last. But enough about David — I mean, we and Emily thought he was dead all of this time anyway. So, while it's pretty damn insane that he's alive, there are more pressing issues at hand. Like, for example, what the hell happened to all of the characters we've spent three seasons enduring?

Who's Alive?

I feel like the better question would be, "Who's dead?" Because Revenge's Season 3 finale had a HUGE body count. But, unfortunately, we can't get the hell over David Clarke being alive, so here we are. As for the dead — Victoria Grayson put an end to Aiden Mathis (and by extension all of our dreams that he and Emily would sail off into the sunset to make a new life together, boo). RIP, Aiden. OH, and with that David Clarke reveal, we also got to see him stab Conrad Grayson. RIP, Conrad — except not really because you are truly Satan. And, last but not least, Daniel Grayson woke up next to a corpse that Margaux's brother helped to overdose on cocaine. Not sure how that's all coming into play, but RIP, girl from the bar.

Total Body Count: 3

Who's Going To Jail?

Well, Jack made the mistake of being way too like himself when he released Charlotte from being a hostage. A quick tap on the shoulder brought back all of those painful memories and the newly minted Charlotte Clarke went to the authorities, who promptly hauled Jack off for questioning. Damn, Charlotte, you didn't want to just ask him about it? (He probably wouldn't have told her anyway, so I guess she did the right thing.) The other Grayson-spawn, Daniel, had a wild night on the town with Margaux's brother Gideon and boy did Gideon have a surprise for him. We didn't see Daniel discover that he was in bed with a corpse, but I can only assume that this was a plot to frame Daniel and get him a cellblock with his dear, old dad.

Total Future Jail Birds: 2

Who's Insane?

In a wild turn of events — Emily, after discovering that Victoria, with help from Dr. Michelle Banks, killed Aiden, set a plan in motion to end Victoria. And, well, she succeeded — finally. Emily lured her to the cemetery and bashed her in the face with a shovel. Personally, I thought she'd planned to bury the Grayson matriarch alive, but just kidding. Emily had something much worse in store — Victoria woke up in Emily's old room in a sanitarium. And, well, let's just say that Victoria Grayson has been deemed clinically insane.

Total Wearing Bed-Restraints: 1

Who's Working Together?

We saw a lot of alliance changes happening on Sunday night's finale and new alliances forming. Emily, after more or less threatening to make Dr. Banks' life a living hell, brought her over to the David-Clarke-Side. And it was Banks who validated Emily's story about Victoria needing mental help by turning over notes from her sessions with her. Oh, how the tables have turned, Victoria. And, it appears that Nolan and Gideon have a common interest in trying to eff with Daniel Grayson's life. It's Nolan that Gideon comes to after his absinthe-soaked night with Daniel and shows the photo of him lying in bed with a dead girl. It looks like that family is finally getting what it deserves — luckily enough for Charlotte, she's a Clarke.

New Alliances: 2

Like I've said the past few weeks, leave it up to Revenge to suck us all back in with no episodes left in Season 3. Oh, and by the way, guys — DAVID CLARKE IS ALIVE.

Image: ABC