Megan Needs To Make A Change ASAP

On Sunday night's Mad Men, you might have been surprised to see that Megan was no longer mad at Don. This is in addition to the other things you might have been surprised to see like, the return of Don's "niece" Stephanie, Ginsberg going insane and cutting off his nipple, and Megan and Don's threesome with her buddy Amy. It can be assumed that Don and Megan were able to patch things up after the big "This is the way it ends" conversation. We don't know exactly how much time has passed, but Megan and Don probably had a couple phone calls and worked things out with the main reason being because Megan is a fan of pretending things are okay when they aren't. Mad Men is going to face another breakdown, though not as intense as Ginsberg's, if things don't start shaping up for Megan.

When Don arrives in Los Angeles, Megan is hanging out with her friend Amy and has sent Stephanie packing after giving her $1,000. Don is annoyed that Megan couldn't keep Stephanie around, but instead of talking it out with him, she heads out to the market with Amy. That night she throws a party for her acting friends and dances with another man right in front of Don, but much like her "Zou Bisou Bisou" performance, acts like it's totally cool (which could be the case with some people, but she knows it isn't with Don). She doesn't mind when Don leaves with Harry Crane to go have drinks. Then, when he returns, a stoned and drunk Megan initiates a threesome with Amy and Don. Megan does, and has done in the past but not with as much gusto, everything she can to be a free spirit, but it doesn't seem to be true to her real feelings.

The morning after the threesome, Megan is happy to make coffee for Amy and Don, but Don just wants to speak with Stephanie on the phone and head back to New York and Amy can't get out of there fast enough. Megan is visibly upset things didn't end up how she hoped, but she doesn't tell Don anything is wrong.

Megan is bottling everything up and if a big change doesn't occur for her soon she's either going to have another blow up with Don or worse. (Like, you know, ending up in a situation where she gets murdered.) Megan hasn't been able to land an acting role, her husband, who she already tried to end things with, still lives in New York, and her closest friend in L.A. probably won't want to hang out anymore because she had a threesome with her. The whole everything-is-cool-and-I'm-a-hippie-with-a-straight-laced-husband thing has got to end sometime, so unless she makes some moves with her career, breaks up with Don for good, gets Done to move to Los Angeles, moves back to New York herself, or adopts Bobby (Bobby is so sad!), she's gonna blow. Or she'll just take on the Don Draperian idea of bottling up your feelings with bottles of alcohol with more enthusiasm. Neither option is good.

Images: AMC; Giphy