Diane Keaton & Michael Douglas Rom-Com 'And So It Goes' Has Some Funny Old People Jokes — VIDEO

Superhero films may rule the summer box office, but we're officially getting at least one romantic comedy in July. The trailer for Rob Reiner's latest film And So It Goes just dropped, and while it doesn't look like Reiner is reinventing the wheel here (or rather, the rom-com) the comedy should be a refreshing break from all of the action we'll be seeing this summer... lame jokes and all. While the trailer doesn't feel like anything particularly special or riveting, Reiner boasts big names that will hopefully carry the material. Michael Douglas plays a misanthropic real estate agent whose life takes a new turn when his granddaughter comes to stay with him. Diane Keaton is the neighbor who puts up with Douglas's bad attitude.

But she also obviously falling in love with him, because this is a Rob Reiner rom-com.

There are a lot of jokes about getting old (Keaton screams "I'm 65!" at one point in the trailer, to which Douglas responds, "I've sold houses older than you, and in a lot worse condition." See? Hilarity.) and lots of shots of Douglas looking grumpy. As with every rom-com, there's also a song by Hall & Oats playing softly in the background. It's no When Harry Met Sally, Senior Edition, but that's okay — at least Douglas and Keaton are interesting enough to muster up a chuckle when Douglas talks about tearing his ACL during sex. (Because, again, Douglas is old. Get it?)

And So It Goes hits theaters this July. Go see it with your parents. They'll laugh.