'Community's Ken Jeong Cast as a Teacher in 'The DUFF' as Part of Ben Chang's Latest Evil Plot

The wound of Community getting cancelled is still pretty fresh, but no one can blame the actors for looking at other employment options. Especially actors in a reoccuring role like Ken Jeong, better known to Community fans as the psychotic ex-professor, ex-dictator, and ex-amnesiac Ben Chang. In Community's first season, Ben Chang faked his teaching credentials and taught a Spanish class — if what little the characters learned could properly be called Spanish — and his eventual firing led him down the slippery slope into a complete psychotic break. Now Ken Jeong has been cast as a teacher in The DUFF, which kind of makes us worry that Ben Chang is launching another comeback.

The DUFF will star Mae Whitman (Arrested Development's own Ann/Her?) as Bianca, the Designated Ugly Fat Friend, who discovers that her prettier and more popular friends have given her that mean-spirited label. Instead of lying down and taking it, Bianca enlists all the other DUFFs in school to fight back and overthrow the queen bee, Madison, played by Bella Thorne of Shake It Up fame. Jeong has joined the cast for a teaching gig, although no further details have been released about his character or role.

In the time after Ben Chang was fired from being a Spanish teacher, he found himself floundering. He became a security guard, he tried to join the Greendale Seven, he faked Changnesia, and he betrayed the study group again and again. What if Community's cancellation was just part of Chang's final evil scheme to get rid of Jeff Winger and his crew once and for all so he could take over our screens? They're the ones who got him fired from teaching and who took down his dictatorship after all. If anyone was going to hold a grudge and find the craziest way to come back on top, it's Chang.

Then again, there's a good chance that Jeong's character might be nothing like Ben Chang at all. It would be pretty hard to emulate any of Chang's teaching methods — particularly around high school aged characters. Right, Annie?

Image: Tumblr