'Dancing With The Stars' Charlie White & Meryl Davis' Bond Is Too Strong to Break, but ABC Sure Did Try

Seriously, ABC? On Monday night's penultimate episode of Dancing With The Stars, the show pitted longtime BFFs and contestants Charlie White and Meryl Davis against each other. And it was really, really uncool, only made more uncool by the fact that it made us fear for a Maks and Meryl-less finale ... though ultimately, it was Charlie White and partner Sharna Burgess who were sent packing. It seemed like the show was trying to create a friendship feud for heightened drama leading up to the Season 18 finale next week, and Charlie White is "not happy" about it.

Following the elimination, White sounded off about how he felt about going up against his longtime friend and Olympic skating partner Meryl Davis. Both Charlie and Sharna and Meryl and Maks were allegedly in the bottom two on Monday night (I'm calling bullshit), and were pitted against one another by the show. White told E!:

The thing is, you don't know if it's always the bottom two. Honestly to me, that felt contrived. I wasn't happy that they pitted me against Meryl like that.

First of all, I completely agree with Charlie. Mostly because it seems impossible that BOTH of these pairs were in the bottom two during the same elimination round. Since the show began, both Charlie and Meryl and their partners have been frontrunners to win Season 18, so the fact that they were both on the chopping block just doesn't seem right. But if ABC was trying to start the Next Great Feud, they failed, because there are no hard feelings or bad blood between these two longtime friends and Olympic gold-winners.

Nice try, ya ABC jerks.

Since Charlie and Meryl have been friends since they were thiiiiis big, they aren't going to take your petty attempt at causing drama seriously, ABC. Maybe you should've seen this adorable #tbt photo before you tried that stunt:

White followed up his complaints about the elimination set-up with an assertion that he and Meryl will NEVER STOP being friends. The Olympic skater said of his relationship with Meryl:

I think our love triumphs over what makes for an interesting moment. I love that girl. We have been through 27 years and won an Olympic gold medal.

I think we should chalk this one up to an epic fail on ABC's part. They didn't succeed in breaking up this adorable friendship, and we DWTS fans aren't cool with this feeble attempt at drama, either.

Image: MerylEDavis/Instagram