Meet the Cutest Baked Goods Ever

by Viet VoPham

From Nutella bars to chocolate chip cookie shot glasses to cupcake ATMs, America's restaurants and eateries are certainly getting creative with their desserts. But a Japanese donut shop is giving us a run for our money, going a step beyond the typical degree of awesome and adorable with their animal-inspired sweets.

Japan has been known to be the center of clever and sometimes offensive inventions, whether it's a video game that disapproves of gay marriage or Godzilla , so it's no surprise that they're getting in on the world of cute cuisine. Ikumi Mama Animal Donuts, a quaint bakery in Kawasaki, boasts a broad array of donuts shaped and decorated to resemble small animals. Cost varies depending on the donut, but with prices between $2 to $3.05 each, it's pretty hard to say no.

The small bakery sells a range of animal-like donuts (and other baked goods), including killer whales, penguins, and alpacas. The biggest seller is "Mike," a donut shaped like a kitty. It may seem too adorable to eat, but with a variety of different glazes and cakes, it would be difficult to resist.

If you find yourself in Japan (and you can read Japanese), here's a donut schedule that will tell you which cute creatures are available on each day of the week.