Solange Knowles' Elevator Attack on Jay Z Is Already Starting to Hurt Her Career

By now you know that Solange Knowles attacked her sister Beyoncé's husband Jay Z inside an elevator after the Met Gala. Though we may never know what instigated the fight, we are able to see how it's affecting the Knowles and Carters. Jay Z and Beyoncé seem to be doing fine. They went to a basketball game last night amid the news and appeared calm and happy. Solange, for her part, is keeping active and cheerful on Twitter. Neither party has addressed the leaked video.

But as much as they probably all want to move forward from this incident, Solange may experience a little more blowback than she would like. Following the attack, Solange's Amazon rank for her new album "True" was 4,494, which means of all the musicians on Amazon, she was selling enough albums to be the 4,494th most popular. But overnight, her ratings slipped to 4,506 and now have dropped another couple hundred places to 4,788. It's not huge, but it's something, particularly when you consider being in the headlines should boost your career up.

It's clear Solange probably wan't thinking straight when she went after her sister's husband, so it's probably safe to say she wasn't considering how her outburst could affect her music career. But the marketplace always reacts to incidents like this, either in positive or negative ways. When Miley Cyrus' antics got everyone talking with her provocative MTV Awards performance, her YouTube hits shot up. But Solange messed with Jay Z and Beyoncé and the public isn't about that, so it's more than likely her rankings may continue to dip even lower in the coming days.

We shall see.