Here's Everything We Know About 'OUAT' Season 4

In case you hadn't heard, Once Upon a Time has brought Elsa from Frozen into the fairy tale fold. The season three finale came to a close with the Queen of Arendelle herself rising up from a misplaced urn from Rumplestiltskin's vault that came through the Wicked Witch's time portal with Emma Swan and Captain Hook. That sentence alone is proof of how ridiculous it is to try to explain the plot line of Once Upon a Time to anyone who doesn't watch the show. While we can still only speculate as to what exactly Elsa wants in Storybrooke, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have provided a few clues as to what she's doing on the show and where her story line is going.

In interviews with E! Online and The Hollywood Reporter , Kitsis and Horowitz spoke about bringing Frozen to Once Upon a Time in season four and the little hints they've dropped are exciting. Although there's still no word on casting or even on a concrete plot trajectory for the season, Kitsis and Horowitz were still able to confirm a few facts as vaguely as we've come to expect from series creators. Whether the Frozen arc will last the whole season or if it'll just make up the first part like the Neverland arc of season three still remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: the cold never bothered us anyway.

Here's what we know about Elsa's role in season four.

She's Not Really a Villain

Horowitz said that "one of the great things about that character and that we loved so much is that she was misunderstood and that is something that we definitely want to carry over into our interpretation". It makes sense, considering the running theme of Once Upon a Time is that evil is made, not born. Thus, regardless of whether Elsa seems like the bad guy at first, she's going to be revealed to have more sympathetic motivations.

We're Going to Arendelle

Kitsis said that he would be "disappointed" if the show didn't get to go to Arendelle during season four and if they've got the clearance to do the movie at all then they're definitely going to get the clearance to take the cast there. The royal family of Storybrooke will just have to pack up their winter clothes and get ready to learn the Weselton dance.

Anna (and Others) Will Show Up

Horowitz also said he'd be disappointed if Elsa was the only character from Frozen that they got to adapt while Kitsis confirmed that Anna of Arendelle would definitely be making an appearance in season four. That's no surprise considering that Elsa's entire character development, and control over her powers, is based around her love for her sister, but it's nice to have it confirmed. Is anyone else hoping Anna and Ariel from The Little Mermaid become best friends?

Rumpelstiltskin's Afraid of Her

Horowitz and Kitsis cleared up something that casual viewers might have missed the first time, which is that Elsa emerged from an urn that Rumpelstiltskin had locked up in his vault of dangerous dark magic items. Considering we have no idea how long she's been in there — and that Rumpelstiltskin's emotions and motivations make up a big part of season four — Elsa could be to Rumpel what Zelena was to Regina. Except with a good reason.

This Won't Be a Live-Action Frozen Movie

Horowitz and Kitsis made it clear that they're not looking to "redo the movie". No one was expecting them to, of course, and it's not like Once Upon a Time has a history of sticking close to the source material when it comes to the stories they're adapting. However, considering what a beloved movie Frozen is, taking liberties with the material might be risky. Luckily, Frozen loyalists have a champion in Horowitz's 5 year old daughter. "[She'd] be the first one to raise the pitchfork," said Horowitz.

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