Miley Cyrus Rants About Her Unnamed Ex, So Here's 3 Theories To What It All Means

Can Miley Cyrus do anything that will shock us anymore? Ever since Cyrus chopped off her flowing, Hannah Montana locks she's been hellbent on making everyone understand one thing — she doesn't care what you think and she's going to twerk all over and offend you as often as possible. And her Friday night show at G.A.Y. in London was a clear indication of that with Cyrus' epic fail of a date-rape joke. At the same show, the singer introduced "Wrecking Ball" with an over-the-top rant about an unnamed ex-boyfriend — so maybe she does care what some people think.

Cyrus' since announced that in the rant — which calls out some "piece of shit" who broke her heart — she wasn't talking about her ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth. And sure, maybe it's not be about him, but what if it was? Cyrus has claimed in countless interviews over many months that she's loving being single and is happy with being alone for the first time. But what if she's actually not.

The Bangerz singer is known to get a little emo on Twitter about her relationship status, but this rant makes it seem like she's gone way past emo to just straight-up anger and that she's going out of her way to say "fuck you" to the guy who broke her heart.

I've got a few theories about what Cyrus really meant from her rant — but first, watch the rant here:

George Velez Junior on YouTube

Theory 1: She's Just Not Over It

Here's the thing about the way she chose to introduce this song — she made it personal. There's a way to rile people up and get them to understand the emotions behind your music, but it's another to make it all about you. And she did — she dedicated this to one of the "motherf—kers" that broke her heart. There's no hiding that or taking that back. Especially when we all already know that "Wrecking Ball" was about the decline of her relationship with Hemsworth. Now we know how she really feels — she's angry and that's cool.

Theory 2: She's Doing This All For Someone Else

And by "this all" I mean her intentionally offensive, out-there, twerk-filled rebellion from her Hannah Montana image. If this is actually what's going on, there's a serious problem. Cyrus basically said here that everything she's doing is because of this guy who broke her heart. And that goes against everything she's said about her new persona. Because, let me just point out, Cyrus has been all like, "This isn't a phase, mom — this is ME," throughout this whole thing. It could still be all her, but what if it's only because she rushed into a relationship and it didn't work out and she's afraid to just be sad about it?

It'd be pretty disappointing for Cyrus to come out and say that all of these career choices (which have made her wildly successful, by the way) are attributed to some guy. Revenge is a great motivator, but Cyrus got here all on her own.

Theory 3: She's Frustrated That You & Aunt Dolly Don't Get It

This might not have been the case, but Cyrus just sounds angry during this rant. Like, Kanye-level, angry-at-the-world type of angry. And maybe that anger isn't just directed at one person. In her Time 100 intro for Cyrus, Dolly Parton offered up some advice to her goddaughter about toning it down now that she's succeeded in breaking out of her box. So, maybe, on top of the haters, Miley is feeling betrayed and frustrated.

But maybe, just maybe, Cyrus is calling us all out via this unnamed ex, Aunt Dolly included, for just not getting it. This is who she is and this is the career she wants and if we don't like it, that's just too bad for us because she DGAF.

But it's probably just that she's still not over it. It's cool, Miley, we get it.