Helen Mirren's 'The Hundred-Foot Journey' Trailer is All 'Julie & Julia' Foodie Nostalgia

Get your mom date calendar ready, for the Helen Mirren foodie film The Hundred-Foot Journey is coming to theaters this summer. The trailer for the best-seller turned major motion picture was just released earlier on Tuesday and it’s making us all hungry for curry, omelettes, and more of Mirren’s signature sass. The Hundred-Foot Journey tells the story of an Indian family who open up a restaurant in the south of France right across the street from Mirren’s uppity, proper, and Michelin-starred maison. Obviously nothing could go wrong when the worlds of aromatic Indian cuisine and traditional French fare collide, right?

The short clip has our mouths watering not only for the delicious-looking food, but also for the romantic landscape of the film. The Hundred-Foot Journey looks like it will be all that is right with the word “escapism.” It’s also got Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey producing it, so it also just may be the Summer’s biggest sleeper hit.

The trailer for The Hundred-Foot Journey reminded us of another foodie favorite: Julie & Julia. Both films are based on best-selling novels of the same names and tell the story of a few fish-out-of-water in France who carve their own way in the world of cooking. The trailers of both films also have quite a lot in common: from the zippy French accordion music to the slow-mo shots of salt being sprinkled, here’s what we’ve learned from both trailers:

  • French food is zeee hardest to conquer.
  • But when you do, you are zeee best chef in the world.
  • Omelettes are the true test of one’s culinary skill.
  • Aerial shots of pots being stirred are the most important shots.
  • Older French ladies will always tell you what’s what.
  • We all need to spend more time at outdoor food markets to find love.
  • Cooking is just like sex.
  • Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep are perfection.

Watch and compare and Bon Appetit!

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