What I Would Wear If Adults Had Proms

Prom to me was always about the dress. In retrospect, this makes sense since at the time boys barely existed to me (and vice versa), I thought after parties with alcohol only happened in movies (wrong about that one), and the most dancing I did occurred in my room alone while listening to Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" on my iPod. So no, high school wasn't exactly my glory years, but man, did I love getting dressed up for prom. And while, now, I cringe at my prom dress choices occasionally, I can still confidently say that it could have been much worse.

While I never constructed my own dress out of duct tape or wore something with sequins, I can still admit that I wouldn't wear the same things today if adults had their own version of proms. Why would adults have proms? I don't know, but that's besides the point. Maybe for team building purposes. Whatever, it's still fun to think about. So let's just imagine it, shall we? In a lot of ways, I'm sure it would be the same as high school. I can see it now...spending too much money on the dress and silently envying the girl whose date is the hottest. For the record, this time around I would be that girl and the date would be Ryan Gosling. But I digress.

In honor of my imaginary adult prom, here are 11 gowns I would wear if I was going today. Ryan would approve of all of them. Obviously.

1. Money Would Be No Object

This is an imaginary adult prom we're talking about. So, obviously, I would also be an imaginary CEO of an imaginary multi-million dollar company that just happens to sell both designer clothing and lots of candy (it makes sense, right?). Having said that, of course I would at least consider the $25,000 Valentino gown.

Valentino Embellished Tulle Gown, $25,000,

2. Elie Saab Because Elie Saab

Perhaps the Valentino gown isn't going to fit into the budget. Ryan and I are planning a romantic trip to the Maldives and well, I don't just THROW away money, people. Even if it is imaginary. And, naturally, when saving money while shopping, Elie Saab is always the best option. Under $7,000? A steal.

Elie Saab Sleeveless Paisley Gown, $6,850,

3. Midi Maybe

Prom doesn't have to be all classic glamour, right? I would definitely be up for trying something a little unique. This dress kind of says "I'm sexy, but also way too quirky and cool for this dumb adult prom," which would be ideal.

Self Portrait Midi Dress With Lace Bodice And Pleat Skirt, $419.19,

4. Something Blue

In both my imaginary and real life, I look really good in blue. Plus, this is McQueen and it has a super sexy back. Business in the front, party in the back. The mullet of designer gowns. Hey, I'm ok with it.

Alexander McQueen Plissé Silk-Chiffon Gown, $7,460,

5. Red Is Always A Good Idea

I should mention now that in this imaginary adult prom, I would also have the body of Jennifer Lawrence. That part is important.

Badgley Mishka Collection Sleeveless Halter-Neck Mermaid Gown, $660,

6. My Lupita Moment

Oh, hello everyone. It's me, Lupita. Almost.

Ralph Lauren Collection Audrey Cape Evening Gown, $7,000,

7. Boho Goddess

In my wildest dreams, I look just like the girls in the Free People catalogs. So I'm thinking a boho goddess moment for my adult prom could be a real possibility. I would also wear a flower crown, because duh.

True Romance Dress, $68.60,

8. Just Call Me Jessa

There's always that girl who shows up to formal events dressed as Jessa from Girls, and she's always just way too cool. So why can't that be me?

Gothic Kimono Dress, $142.91,

9. Biker Babe

This is kind of what I would imagine a super chic fashion girl who rides a motorcycle on the weekends would wear to an adult prom. I wouldn't mind being that girl.

Haider Ackermann Cotton-Tulle And Silk-Blend Lamé Gown, $4,490,