'The Voice' Finalists Are Announced and Tessanne Chin Reminds Us Why She Won Season 5

Do you smell that? That's The Voice finale on the horizon. Or it could be Carson Daly doing donuts on a soundstage in one of the Kia Optimas. Hard to say. Tuesday night, three former Voice finalists performed, and three new Voice finalists were named. It's always a delight to see old friends of the show, and Tessanne Chin, Will Champlin, and Jacquie Lee's homecoming was no exception. Ugh, love those three. Tessanne's perfect voice wasn't going to make me forget that we were losing two wonderful singers, but it definitely turned my frown upside down. Tessanne is a treasure, may we never forget it.

The two confirmed Season 6 finalists: Jake Worthington and Josh Kaufman. Who snagged the third slot? Carson said it was up to the Instant Save vote. DAMMIT. And here I thought we were done with that vote chart shit. Sorely mistaken, I was.

(Silver lining: Tuesday night’s Instant Save vote chart was the last Instant Save vote chart of the season. Officially. Never again. Until next season, that is.)

For the Instant Save round, Kristen Merlin sang “Blown Away,” Kat Perkins “Good Girl,” and Christina Grimmie “Apologize.” All three of the great ladies did a great job. You know, because they are genuinely great. Curse this show for making me feel so many feelings multiple times a week. After Christina sang, coach Adam Levine said if she made the final, she'd win the whole thing. OKAY, Coach Adam. What about your girl Kat, huh?!?!

And then, the Instant Save voting began. BAH. It was the harshest Instant Save chart of the season: Kat had 29 percent of the votes. YouTube sensation Christina had 70 percent. Kristen had 1 percent.

Kristen had 1 percent. It was very upsetting to see that number plastered across the screen. 1 percent. It never fluctuated. 1 percent. Harsh harsh harsh.

A few questions: HOW DID KRISTEN ONLY RECEIVE 1 percent OF THE VOTES?! Did voters see her incredible performance of "Foolish Games"? Yes? Then why didn't more people vote for her?

Also, why do we have to see the numbers? Does that actually add anything to the show? Can't we just go back to the way it used to be? A chart-free Voice?

Oof. What’s the opposite of a Shyamalan twist? Because that's what happened. Christina and her 70 percent won. Okay, Adam. Time to put your prediction to the test. Let's see if Christina will win the entire shebang like you claimed.

Who am I pulling for? Who do I think will win? I'll have an answer next Monday. You have my word.

Until then, here's Tessanne doing her Tessanne thing:

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Image: NBC