Rihanna Breaks LAPD Chief’s Phone During Selfie but the Damage Was Totally Worth It

Rihanna's Instagram may be shut down, but that doesn't mean she's stopped appreciating a good selfie and apparently, Los Angeles' police chief, Steve Soboroff, is right there with her. The two unlikely buddies met in their courtside seats at a Clippers game and decided to take a selfie together, but the simple act didn't go smoothly and ended with Rihanna donating $25,000 to an LAPD charity. Sometimes selfies can result in massive charity payments, kids. Be careful (and have giant bank accounts) before your next attempt.

So how did Rihanna end up paying such an expensive price for a selfie? It started when the two were seated next to each other at the May 9 game and Soboroff asked if Rihanna would take a photo with him while she wore an LAPD wristband. Rihanna agreed, but Soboroff's phone slipped out of her hands and fell to its screen shattering end on the floor.

Following the incident, Rihanna tweeted a message of apology to Soboroff and decided to make her big donation. The $25,000 will help "fund police cadets from underprivileged backgrounds and the families of fallen officers," according to the Los Angeles Times.

In addition, Rihanna saw Soboroff at another game on May 11 where he brought up a new idea to raise money: sell the broken phone on eBay. Rihanna signed the phone, "Sorry! I ♥ LAPD. Rihanna." If you're interested in purchasing a phone both broken and signed by Rihanna, as of Wednesday afternoon the high bid is $11,100.

Even though the selfie Rihanna attempted to take didn't work out, Rihanna and Soboroff did end up with a nice photo together. And, more importantly, a good cause ended up with some very generous funding.