'How I Met Your Dad's Failure to Launch Made Everyone Happy, Except One Person

So, in case you missed, it How I Met Your Dad wasn't picked up. Surprised? Shocked? No, you're not, because you saw it coming. How I Met Your Mother was like a boyfriend who loved us for nine years and then betrayed us all (yes, one boyfriend, betraying ALL OF US), so were we really supposed to trust its younger brother? No. No we we were not. WE ARE STRONGER THAN THAT!

Sure, Greta Gerwig made it enticing, and we were psyched at the opportunity to see her on TV on a regular basis, but we know there are better things in store for the Francis Ha star.

And guess what? NOBODY IS CRYING that HIMYD isn't taking off. We're all fine without this show, and we know that the rest of our television lives will sail smoothly on without out it. The only person who's really disappointed is CBS chief, Nina Tassler, who said:

I'm heartsick; we loved this brand and we love the producers but it didn't work out.

But on the other hand, her heartsickness may be what we felt, too, even though we hadn't seen the pilot: heartsick because something that could have been (wait for it) legendary, would never be. "It didn't work out" sounds like a trite breakup speech, too — it's not you, it's me, CBS! Sure... you and your script.

The Twitterverse is always an accurate representation of the collective voice of a nation, and it looks like everyone out there's doin' okay, too, amidst this break up and shake up. The theme, of course, is: karma is a bitch, HIMYM finale.

I think we'll all be okay. Did anyone have a slap bet on this one? If so, anticipate some slaps.