Emile Hirsch Shares Adorable Photo Of Baby Valor & Adds Important Hashtag — PHOTO

Want to wrap up your workday with a cute baby pictures? Emile Hirsch has got it for ya. Emile Hirsch shared a photo of his baby son, Valor, on Twitter Wednesday and he is absolutely adorable. And not only that, he's further proof that the No Kids Policy will not stop you from getting your share (specifically, your fair share) or cute celebabies. Hirsch mentioned the policy specifically in the post, captioning the photo, "Valor at 6 months...Thank God for mama! #NoKidsPolicy."

The No Kids Policy stems from the Paparazzi Harassment Deterrent Bill which came into effect on Jan. 1, 2014 and made it a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine for paparazzi to take photos of children in a harassing way simply because their parents are celebrities. In addition, many entertainment and celebrity news website have begun following the No Kids Policy meaning that they won't post paparazzi photos taken of children.

By posting a picture of his son with the hashtag #NoKidsPolicy, Hirsch is making it clear that he supports this idea and is showing that he will share information and photos of his child with fans as he sees fit.

Hirsch's post comes only a day after John Krasinski posted a similar message on Twitter. Kransinski posted a photo of his 3-month old daughter, Hazel, with the caption, "Pics of kids should only come direct from parents. So I’m thrilled to introduce you guys to Hazel!!! #NoKidsPolicy."

It's crazy that parents have to worry about such tiny babies being hunted down by paparazzi, but it seems that the No Kids Policy has made some much needed progress.

So... do you wanna see the cute — and parent approved! — photo of the baby? Here you go!