Ed Sheeran Refuses to Seranade His Girlfriend Because of This Hilarious Reason

Sorry, Ron Weasley fetishists and people really into Brits in plaid (see above): Ed Sheeran's got a girlfriend and is officially off the market. So what exactly is it like to be Ed Sheeran's girlfriend? One would imagine it would involve a lot of crooning. But, shock of all shocks, the British musician apparently isn't all "so this is 'Wonderwall'" to his lady love: He doesn't even serenade her at all. What is even the point, then????

Responding to this utter blasphemy in a recent interview with KIIS FM, Sheeran gave what we'll admit is a pretty legit explanation:

I don't like to sing to her in private because that's really creepy and weird. If someone did that to you, like legitimately, if someone sat you down like, 'Hey baby, I'll come play some...' You'd be a bit awkward right?

This is true. We do no live in Glee or High School Musical, after all, so if a love interest attempted to sing at us unironically we'd probably throw our necks out from trying to gag and roll our eyes simultaneously. There's an obvious exception when it comes to some things, though: Sheeran singing his acoustic version of "Drunk In Love," for example, was way sexier than it had any right to be. We have to imagine coming home to him just jammin' in your living room would be pretty great.