Shakira Is Officially Leaving 'The Voice,' Breaking Hearts & Hips Everywhere

Alas, nothing gold can last forever. Shakira is breaking up with The Voice , not allowing herself to be tethered any further by the cold sway of network television. She is an artiste, after all! She must be free to revel in self-titled albums without Adam Levine's judgey stare and Draco Malfoy hair.

"Honestly, I've had a blast," Shakira said of her tenure on the hit show. "But right now, I have to go on with my life as an artist. I'm not really a TV celebrity and I have to prep a tour and also do other stuff, like being a mother."

Ugh, fine Shakira — you go do you, bein' a mom and a hit musical act and making bajillions of dollars sweeping the world with your mesmerizing hip movements. We forgive you, we guess. As Shakira noted, "this was always temporary... I never thought I would be on a show like this one, but with the nature of the show, we're not just judges, but we're coaches. We're helping new talent flourish. That made me change my mind and say yes to being here."

Not all is lost, though: We'll be getting Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams all up in The Voice soon enough, and everyone knows the world could use some more quality time making fun of Williams' choice of hatwear.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images